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Reactions to the latest mass killing

By Augustinus

Emma Green over at the Atlantic Magazine–a liberal magazine, has a piece on “prayer shaming”.

Prayer shaming is the phenomena of excorciating anyone who reacts to a horrific crime or tragedy by offering up prayers for the victims. Green pointed out that dozens of democratic politicians and liberal newspapers and journals and websites lambasted republican politicians for tweeting prayers for the victims of the San Bernadino slaughter. The leftist Nation magazine for example lectured those praying for the victims that prayers do nothing–only gun legislation can work etc. The New York Daily News had a front page headline saying something like  “God can’t help them” only gun control can …or words to that effect.  In short anyone who reacted to the killings at San Bernadino by sending messages of prayer to the victims and their families were lectured to, excorciated and treated with contempt.

What the cultured despisers of prayer forgot to mention is that the victims themselves asked for prayers. See Green’s excellent article.

We now know something more about the perpetrators of the San Bernadino slaughter.  It appears to have been the work of a muslim man and his wife.– a women he recently met while traveling in Saudi Arabia. The two of them planned the slaughter as they had a huge cache of weapons and military gear.

At some point Christians need to realize that we are in a religious war whether we like it or not. that does not mean that we hate all muslims. It simply means that we are at war for religious reasons. Islam is entering another one of its aggressive expansionistic phases and we need to defend ourselves. Christianity in the west is, as the Islamic fanatics keep saying, weak and decadent and divided within. Islam can and will extinguish Christianity in Europe and then Russia and then America via immigration and birth rates AND via outright aggression and war. …unless we in the west wake up.

While Jews in Israel do not allow aggression and immigration to destroy Jewish civilization in Israel we in the West, out of a desire to be “enlightened” allow massive muslim immigration into formerly christian countries. The catholic church and its hierarchy support muslim immigration into formerly christian countries. I could understand and support these liberal immigration policies IF the Church had a very active and militant set of plans to convert the long suffering muslim populations to christianity but there are no such plans or efforts. I have no problem with immigration of Latinos into the USA as most of them are Catholics but I have a major problem with letting muslims in without a plan to convert them to the one true religion. It is NOT mercy and liberality to not even try to convert these hapless souls. True charity toward muslims (and Jews for that matter) would mean bringing them the good news and inviting them to convert.