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After All of My Negativity – Here is Something Wonderfully-Positive!

…it may be from way back in 1940 but here is something really wondrous!  Truly beautiful!    Be mindful that this is taken from “middle America” (Chicago!)  in the period just prior to the “shift into high gear” by the “modern liturgical reformists” of Vatican II.

Have the fortitude to watch the entire thing if you can!

In this presentation – you’ll here these words spoken by the narrator (who is none other than the Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen) – and I quote:

“it is a long-established principle of The Church never to completely drop from her public worship any ceremony, object or prayer which once occupied a place in that worship”. 

Wouldn’t Paul VI shit himself if he had heard that, when he personally nixed so many prayers and other attributes from the Holy Mass in his “New Mass” (like the old Mass needed something new???)  (let’s NOT go there today!)

I tell you now, that you can experience the beautiful, reverent liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church in what Neo-Catholics call the “Extrordinary Form” right in the belly of the beast…      the downstairs chapel of the Cathedral (the Seat of Cardinal O’Malley in the South End of Boston).  I used to sing the Gregorian Chant every Sunday there for years until the rector recently changed the Mass time to 10 AM from 11 AM.  I now take my grand-daughter to a “children’s Mass” at a Novus Ordo parish locally – (God have mercy on me and my precious little princess!)


Planned Parenthood President Invited to Speak at Georgetown University

brought to you by Allan Gillis from the website

By Barbara Hollingsworth | March 3, 2016 | 4:00 PM EST
Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. (AP photo)

( – Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, who heads the nation’s largest abortion provider, has been invited to speak next month at Georgetown University, “the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university.”

The invitation was made by the university’s student-run Lecture Fund. The Cardinal Newman Society‘s Catholic Education Daily reported that the event will not be open to the public or uninvited members of the media.

Last November, Richards told Yahoo! News’ Katie Couric that she aborted her fourth child because three children “was as big as our family needed to be.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) pointed out in a “Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet” that Planned Parenthood “fights even modest laws to reduce or regulate abortion” and “doesn’t believe in a ‘right to choose’ against abortion,” which the Church considers a grave sin. asked Georgetown officials how the university reconciled the invitation to Richards with its mandate as a Catholic institution to uphold Church teaching,

Georgetown “deeply values our faith tradition that encourages the free exchange of ideas,” according to a March 3 statement from the university’s Office of Communications, adding that “an appearance of any speaker or guest on campus is not an endorsement by the university.”

“We respect our students’ right to express their personal views and are committed to sustaining a forum for the free exchange of ideas, even when those ideas may be difficult, controversial or objectionable to some,” the statement continued.

“We recognize that the perspectives of some speakers run counter to the Catholic and Jesuit values that animate our university. We work very hard to ensure that these values maintain a privileged place in our community while at the same time providing a forum that does not limit speech either in the content of the view being expressed or the speaker expressing the view.”

“They said the same thing when Larry Flynt and Barack Obama spoke at Georgetown,” Cardinal Newman Society president Patrick Reilly told

“Besides a clear bias in the choice of speakers, there’s no sense of moral truth, which is the central point of a Catholic university. Either you accept Catholic moral teaching as true or you do not. In the case of Georgetown, they simply do not.

At the White House’s request, Georgetown officials covered up religious symbols  during President Obama’s 2009 speech on campus. (FoxNews)

“In bringing in someone with such a horrendous record of not only advocating ideas that would be contrary to Catholic teaching, but is herself responsible for the deaths of more than two million babies under her watch, Georgetown demonstrates that it does not understand the nature of a Catholic university,” Reilly said.

Last year, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, a proponent of “reproductive rights” worldwide, addressed graduates of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), a member of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus, also gave a commencement address to graduates of the university’s McCourt School of Public Policy.


I wish Frankie-The-Hippie-Pope would clamp down on these “catholic” universities like he did with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate! Sweet Virgin Mary!  We ever have need of recourse to Thee! Pray for us oh Holy Mother of God.


“Spotlight”? Filled with Malice and Hiding the Deep Causes of the Abuse Crisis

Brought to you from the great Rorate Caeli blog

by Allan Gillis

Opinions and Customs

Juan Manuel de Prada
ABC (Madrid)
February 28, 2016 (excerpts)
American cinema has stopped being memorable for a long while; yet, as it happens with dead stars that once shone greatly, it produces once in a while sparks that keep alive the illusion of its power. Many of the films that were nominated for the Oscars this year were but subproducts created to smooth the way for the social engineering designed by Globalism, according to the formula established by Rousseau: “Correct the opinions of men, and their customs will be purified by themselves.”
Therefore, for example, among the nominated pictures we found apologias for homosexuality (“Carol”) and transsexualism (“The Danish Girl”); but it is each time rarer to find (outside the cinema strictly made for popcorn accompaniment) films that do not provide, in rude or subtle form, a large ration of globalist swill.
Among the most acclaimed pictures of this year was, for instance, “Spotlight”, a film lacking in artistic talent that claims to be an aseptic denunciation of the pedophile practices among the Catholic clergy, through the recreation of a journalistic investigation in the diocese of Boston. The picture has such a “neutral” feel that it has been praised by Zombie Catholicism; however, it is filled with malice, which include the seraphic portrayal of characters (not a single one of the journalists professes not a single milligram of dislike for the Church!) and argumentative spins that are calculatedly malicious, such as the intervention of an “expert” who assures that one fourth of all priests are always, in statistical fatalism, pedophiles.

Moreover, “Spotlight” does not establish (what a surprise!) any connection between pedophilia and homosexuality, neither does it notice that, in many American dioceses, there were wicked bishops who, in order to form their own clique, systematically rejected every seminarian who showed the slightest sign of virility.

Please visit their website at
Oh!, and in case you’re wondering what the deep cause of the abuse crisis is…?
It was and is rampant and unchecked (and even often encouraged) HOMOSEXUALITY in the ranks of the seminaries after Vatican II…   there, I said it.  Wasn’t the sexual revolution a wonderful thing?  My own son is afraid of letting his own toddlers out to play without “hyper-supervision” in his own fenced in backyard!  The other day my wife asks me about the way it was when we were kids…and why or how did it change from back then? I answered: “Love the one you’re with” became the mantra of the sixties.  So frightening and so sad.  Ever seen photos of a Gay Pride parade?  Pretty scary stuff!