Bernanos on the Virgin Mary

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She is our Mother, the mother of all flesh, a new Eve. But she is also our daughter. The ancient world of sorrow, the world before the access of grace, cradled her to its very heart for many centuries, dimly awaiting a virgo genetrix. For centuries and centuries those ancient hands, so fill of sin, cherished the wondrous girl-child whose name even was unknown. A little girl , the Queen of the Angles!…The simplicity of God, that terrible simplicity which damned the pride of the Angels…Our Lady knew neither triumph nor miracle. Her son preserved her from the least touch of the savage wing of human glory. No one has ever lived, suffered, died in such simplicity, in such deep ignorance of her own dignity…For she was born without sin-in what amazing isolation. A pool so clear, so pure, that even her own image-created only for the sacred joy of the Father-was not to be reflected. The Virgin was innocence. The eyes of our Lady are the only real eyes that have never countenenced shame-they are the eyes of gentle pity, wondering sadness, and with something more in them, never yet known or expressed, something which makes her younger than sin, younger than the race from which she sprang and though a Mother by grace, Mother of all grace…”

From G. Bernanos, Diary of a country priest. NY: Carroll and Graf, 1932/2002;, p211

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