2 thoughts on “Women Deacons: It’s about time!

  1. Allan Gillis

    Deaconettes today – priestesses tomorrow – cataclysm the day after!

    You people who want deaconettes/priestesses should just leave Mother Church and join a mainline protestant sect!
    No Latin
    No celibate priests
    No “discrimination” of queers, homosexuals and cross-dressers
    No evil top-down hierarchy
    No “hate”
    No “intolerance”
    No “male only” clergy
    No boundaries on artistic expression
    No historical attachment to those evil Crusades
    No sacrifice – just a friendly bit o’ quinoa bread and grape juice
    No exclusivity
    No smelly incense
    No real history – you can write your own!
    No orthodoxy – let the spirit move ya!
    Now, doesn’t that all sound so “nice”?!

  2. Augustinus Augustinus

    It is true that women deacons MAY open the door to female priests but it need not be that way. The question of whether there should be women deacons needs to be decided on its own merits. First of all it is not prevented by canon law. Second it is consistent with tradition throughout Christendom until the muslim conquests. Third there is a pastoral need for deacons given the cowardice of men these days. men are failing to follow the hard path of the priesthood these days. Scripture shows us that God will turn to those willing to serve when and if he finds his chosen ones to be deficient or corrupt.


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