The Church Must Do What?!!???

By Allan Gillis

I think if my deceased grandparents were alive today – they’d probably think the world was near it’s end!    We’re sort of like frogs that are being slowly boiled in the pan of ever-warming water!

boiling frog
Is FRANKIE really, I mean – is he really serious???

In our own most orthodox and politically-neutral (I’m gagging as I write)  catholic [small “c” intended] journal from Archidioecesis Bostoniensis today we find a report that Frankie-The-Hippie-Pope has spoken “off the cuff” again  –  on a continuing thread in his new authoritative form of magisterial teaching: AIRPLANE INTERVIEWS WITH JOURNALISTS!!!


The Boston Pilot reports on Frankie’s loquacious fumblings:

“Pope Francis says Church must accompany gays, not discriminate”

I am curious – why, in the Catholic world – why all the attention focused on sexual perverts these days?  I don’t get it.   They represent less than 2% of the frickin’ population nationally!  Gallup even published a story just a year ago about how “Americans are greatly over-estimating the percentage of gays and lesbians in the U.S.”.   I mean, what gives here?

How ’bout this Frankie…   try it – just once.  Try telling the world – no, try warning the world; that homosexual acts are sins that cry from Heaven for vengeance.  THAT is the compassionate thing to do Your Holiness!

I sometimes wonder – is Frankie just continuing his quest for  “The Most Hippest, Coolest Pope Evah”  Award?


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