The Orlando massacre

By Augustinus

Last week almost 50 homosexual and lesbian persons were murdered by a man claiming to act in the name of Islam once again. I have seen no rational debates about this tragedy since then. The left has focused on the tragedy as a hate crime against homosexuals and called for greater controls on hate speech and hate crimes and so on. The liberals have focused on gun control. They apparently see the massacre as just another mass shooting in America’s long history of mass shooting by deranged loners. The right has focused on the shooters claims that he acted on behalf of Isis and Islam more generally. Presidential candidate Trump asked why president Obama could not use the term “radical Islam” to characterize the source of the tragedy given the shooter’s claim that he acted on behalf of radical Islam. President Obama responded with outrage asking what good would it do to place the blame at the foot of radical Islam. And there the debate has remained with no-one in America offering anything of substance on the tragedy.

To me a common sense response would be to 1) further restrict Muslim immigration (even though the shooter was American born his parents were immigrants); 2) improve FBI methods in keeping an eye on suspected radical Islamists; 3) place further restrictions on automatic weapons and 4) grant that the murders were both an act of terrorism and an act of hate.

Most importantly it seems to me is to realize that we are in a war with radical Islam and that there is a real clash of civilizations happening here. That does not mean we have to stigmatize or hate or violate the civil liberties of muslims. We can say to America Muslims: We understand why you want to keep open the immigration gates but we need to do this slowly and carefully so that assimilation of incoming immigrants can occur without violence.”

In this civliizational war the first duty of Christians is to convert Muslims to the true faith. The American churches need to revitalize their missionary efforts and actively seek to convert muslims. We are hampered in doing so by the false teaching that all religions are true. So we need clarity regarding the Vatican II inspired reassessment of other religions even as evangelization efforts take off.

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