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Disasters – at multiple levels

By Allan Gillis

So, I’m sitting at home in my parlor with “The Lovely and Gracious Mrs. Gillis” just over a week ago – regaling my wife with the details of my trip to New Orleans from which I had returned late the night before.  I had jetted down mid-week for a business conference in The Big Easy (more on that shit-hole of a city later!) and in the middle of a story about one of my trips down Bourbon Street we hear this horrible crash and crumpling of metal and shattering of glass.

This wreck of a young man – high as a kite, had taken out both of our vehicles right in front of our home!  Smashed, smushed, totaled, caput, gonzo!  His front grille (after hitting my SUV with such force he broke the read axle!) went right through Helen’s trunk and into her back seat.  Not pretty.  As I said, the kid was clearly on something and it wasn’t an “energy-drink”!  He never even touched the brakes.  Belligerent and subsequently arrested, the car wasn’t his and we are now chasing the owner’s insurance company.  Insurance hassles, rental cars, looking for TWO new vehicles (as if shopping for ONE car isn’t enough!), maintaining professional commitments, having the two kids living with us – no, let’s say the three kids as their mom is often-times as needy as the kids are.  I’m tired.  I’m lunch-meat.  Mama G. is a near-wreck and I sometimes want to ask: “where are You God”?

This is the Lenten season.  I started this Lent with the greatest ambitions to fast and pray myself closer to my God.  I have failed miserably.  The “best-laid plans of mice and men”!    I “feel” very distant from God.  But, as I write this I know better than just to go with my “feelings”.  I know better than to act on this subjective sense of separation from the Holy Spirit.  I KNOW that I am one of God’s kids…     I am determined to get back on the path of regular, meaningful prayer.   Where else can I go?  He has the words of eternal life!    Here’s my formula for entering (or re-entering) (metaphorically) the “temple of prayer”:  “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise”. (Psalm 99)  I’ll begin with expressions of gratitude for what I DO have and I’ll meditate on Who and What God is; and what He’s done  –  and I’ll praise Him for it.  This for me is the beginning of prayer  –  especially after a prolonged period of “spiritual dryness”.  God is always there for me – it is I who becomes distracted and then acting with contempt toward God – I then become alienated from Him.  It is incumbent upon ME to step back and look to Him.  This “stepping back” and “turning” is in a way the same dynamic as “conversion” or even “repentance”.   I need to go to confession!  I plead for your prayers.

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“SAD DAD BAD HAD Dad is sad.

Very, very sad.

He had a bad day. What a day Dad had!”

-Dr. Seuss

Birds of a feather flock together

The American Conservative presents a story on Frankie-The-Hippie-Pope’s buddy Archbishop Paglia…

Archbishop Paglia’s Homoerotic Fresco

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who commissioned the homoerotic fresco, is pictured in the skullcap (Screenshot from La Repubblica video)

Something gave me “the willies” as I read her piece

By Allan Gillis

So, I opened The Pilot’s e-mailed list of today’s offering of pap, chopped cuttlefish and what should otherwise be considered merely compost material for next year’s garden. I see that Kathy Mears has posted an announcement that she’s proud of the “partnerships” that she’s created as the  Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Boston.  She lists a few organizations and individuals that “collaborate” with “educators” (I HATE those two words!   When did “teachers” become “educators”?  I don’t get it – code word for liberal teacher I suspect).

One organization caught my eye.

She writes:

Many of our teachers have been able to participate in the “Facing History” program. The crux of Facing History is to work with teachers to guide their students through historical events and to think critically about them. As its website states, “By integrating the study of history, literature, and human behavior with ethical decision making and innovative teaching strategies, our program enables secondary school teachers to promote students’ historical understanding, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning. As students explore the complexities of history, and make connections to current events, they reflect on the choices they confront today and consider how they can make a difference.” Many of our schools use these methods to address antisemitism in our society and to make history more meaningful for students. Facing History partners with the archdiocese to offer the professional development that teachers need to fully and thoughtfully implement the program.[ sounds ominous!] They also assist our teachers in linking these historical events to Church teaching and doctrine, providing a Catholic approach to these important teaching moments.[ YEEEAAHH  RIGHT!!!]

So, my curiosity leads me further down the path of discovery…   she cites the website – so, I pop over there and see this:

“Facing History’s content and methods have been proven to significantly increase engagement, empathy, critical thinking skills, and civic responsibility among young people. Our approach is evidence-based: forty years of studies demonstrate how we impact students, teachers, and whole schools. With your help, we can reach even more young people, educators and schools across the globe.”

Now ask yourself a question.  “Do kids today in Catholic school seem any better catechized than the kids were… say forty years ago?

Maybe with a glimpse at a “learning capsule” under the selection of courses  “Justice and Human Rights” resources, we find…

After Stonewall

Since the riots of Stonewall in 1969, The LBQT community has worked hard, fought, and experienced tragic defeats and exciting victories.

or how about this?

Out of the Past

From the beginning of American history, homosexuality and love between people of the same sex have been part of the social and political landscape.

Catholic schools are infiltrated with teachers and administrators that hate the Church and despise Natural Law.  I know.  I have two grandchildren in a local Catholic school.  My school does well…but then again, my grandkids are in elementary school.  Perhaps too young (as of yet) to fill their little skulls with mush.

Is there a connection between the Halcyon Days of Vatican II and the complete destruction of moral values with the concomitant ascendancy of the Left politically and culturally? Is it a coincidence that churches have been shuttered and vocations have plummeted all while Catholic schools have been in bed with groups such as Facing History?


You are a shill Kathy Mears! a shill for the Leftist elites that run Boston College, that run the Archdiocese and that run the Chancery!  Shame, Shame on YOU Cardinal Sean!

Bold emphasis my own


What truly IS Devotion?  How do I devote myself to a regimen of self-improvement as a Catholic gentleman?  Am I devoted?  If not, just exactly WHAT am I devoted to?   Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “what you think about all day is what you become”.  Frightening.   Very frightening indeed.

The egg-yolks of my two eggs this morning dripped and merged onto one piece of toast…    it was still egg-yolk.  God holds the elements and substance of this earth together in wonderful uniformity and diversity.  Anise seeds taste delightful – from tiny seed to tiny seed.  God is God.

The amazing healing of my nasty cut on my thumb from my Mandolin-Slicer –  self-inflicted on Saturday as I was famished and too-hurriedly slicing prosciutto and then the Parmigiano cheese and then the tip of my thumb!  Our bodies heal themselves –  truly amazing!

Why did the wrecking crew of the Sacred Liturgy back in the 70’s do away with the sumptuous word “Sabaoth” when they attacked the Sanctus?  Perhaps like the word “consubstantial” in the Credo – we’re all now too stupid to learn and handle these crucial words.  Those bastards!

Is snow white because it is void of color?  Or is it white?

Why do I feel such a heart-tug to tears when I hear little children praying and/or singing prominently at Holy Mass.  No guile.  No intellectual impediments.  No epistemological knots or quandaries.  Just simple and pure faith.  Makes me want to cry for simplicity and humility and mostly for love of God.

I’m willing to bet that God isn’t nearly as impressed with me as I am.

By Allan Gillis



SNAP president resigns, following director, after lawsuit filed against group

February 06, 2017

The president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) has resigned her post, just a week after a lawsuit was filed against the group by a former employee.

Barbara Blaine, a founder of SNAP, resigned effective Friday, February 3. Her departure follows just one month after the resignation of the group’s national director, David Clohessy.

In January, Gretchen Hammond, a former fundraiser for SNAP, filed suit against the group, saying that she had been fired after she raised objections to SNAP’s fundraising practices. The lawsuit charges that SNAP “callously disregards the real interests” of sex-abuse victims, while soliciting donations from lawyers who handle the victims’ complaints. The lawsuit alleges that 80% of SNAP’s revenues come from plaintiffs’ lawyers, in donations that Hammond describes as tantamount to “kickbacks.”

Brought to you by Allan Gillis from Catholic World News

Just so you don’t think I’m the only one…

This from Rorate Caeli:

Unheard-of since the Papal States fell: Rome covered in posters critical of the Pope

Rome woke up this Saturday with something quite new, and very old, in its streets: posters throughout the City (in the style of the old “pasquinate“) critical of the Pope.
In English, from the Romanesco-inspired Italian:
Ah Francis, you have intervened in Congregations, removed priests, decapitated the Order of Malta and the Franciscans of the Immaculate, ignored Cardinals… but where is your mercy?
These were common at the time of the Papal States (before the fall of Porta Pia and the full unification of Italy in 1870): not for religious reasons, but rather for political complaints, since the Popes were also the secular rulers of the Pontifical territories.
Since then, these public criticisms of Pontiffs mostly disappeared in the City, considering the new Italian authorities were now those responsible for the secular government of the old papal territories, and that the Pope remained responsible only for religious matters. They still show up all the time against Italian politicians.
But when, by common Roman consent, the most tyrannical Pontiff since the Renaissance still has the gall of speaking under the name of mercy (!!!!), the humor of the Roman people does not remain silent when faced with this charade.
[Reported by ADN Kronos, via Marco Tosatti; second image by Mark Lambert]
Brought to you by Allan Gillis

Our Hippie-Pope longs for the 60’s-70’s, Groovy!

Frankie wants to take a hammer to the recent ICEL. The interpretations re-tooled after the 60’s version of the Roman Missal was finally heaved due to its “creative” license with language. This recent ICEL seemed nice to me – nice; in that it was MUCH MORE adherent to the Latin text for liturgy!  What’s wrong with that Frankie?!?  You give me such heartburn!  Why can’t YOU retire and give us back our Pope!

Catholic World News reports:

Pope orders fresh review of liturgical translations

January 27, 2017

Pope Francis has ordered a new review of the principles that guide translations of the liturgy, America magazine has confirmed.

The Pope reportedly formed a commission to review Liturgiam Authenticam, the document issued by the Vatican in 2001 that called for liturgical translations that adhered closely to the Latin of the Roman Missal. That document, which led to a new and more accurate English translation of liturgy, has continued to draw criticism from liturgists who favor a more “creative” interpretation of the language of the Mass.

The Pope’s decision to launch such a review has been widely rumored, but never officially announced. The commission has not yet met, America reports, nor has the list of its members been made public. However, it will be chaired by Archbishop Arthur Roche, the secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship—rather than by that congregation’s prefect, Cardinal Robert Sarah, who is known to favor a more conservative approach.

Brought to you by Allan Gillis

Need to Throw Up?

Check this out!        This’ll make ya barf!        Remember “The Culture-Vulture” here in Boston?!

“The Lord sent us a treasure to lead us safely home”: it’s Pope Francis

She’s a bit “long-in-the-tooth” for the bleached-blond look – and she clearly needs a bit less makeup and a bit more fabric for her dresses.  God love her.   I wince as I hear the obvious American “Country” style music influence on popular Irish music these days for the “older set” over in the “old country”.  “Papa Francis”???  Are you shittin’ me?

God help us! I just being a culture-snob?
“Song for Pope Francis composed and performed by Emily Clarke ahead of the 2018 Papal Visit to Ireland.” – See more at:

He almost coughed out his false teeth!

By Allan Gillis

So, I’m at a Novus Ordo Mass last week with my grand-daughter and it is a typical Boston-area Novus-Ordo parish complete within a 1950’s style “airport terminal” building and dully-fitted “picnic-table” bare altar with a bare and white-washed 30 foot-high wall behind it and of course the Tabernacle is fashionably set off to the left of the altar by about 20 feet.  From what I hear the old building was gorgeous…but, to some designers and archdiocesan administrators back then, in those halcyon days just after Vatican 2 – perhaps it was way too Catholic-looking.

It is the “Children’s Mass” as it were…the 9 o’clock Mass on Sunday…the music is saccharin and upbeat – but of course completely devoid of lyrics that might invoke truths/concepts such as “sin”, “sacrifice”, “hell” or perhaps some other unpleasant notions. I just realized as I write that any Marian devotion or mention is hardly ever made.  Why doesn’t the N.O. form allow for at least a recital – somewhere during the Mass – of at least ONE Hail Mary???

Oh well…    too Catholic I suppose.

So the pastor takes the ambo and then nonchalantly sashays down off the raised platform during his homily to get down with us –  the people (how NICE of him!).  He begins lamenting the sudden need he sees for his correcting men about taking their hats off “in church”.  Imagine?! He regales us with anecdotes of how nice it was “years ago” when everyone would piously genuflect before the altar, when people had a reverence and knowledge of how they were in “God’s House” and acted accordingly, and men ALWAYS took off their hats.  He then fervently upbraids us for failing to genuflect.  Failing to demonstrate our understanding of the symbiotic relationship between “symbols” and “actions of faith” (my words). He encourages the congregation to be more mindful of this in the future – to be more disposed to demonstrate to the world the Eucharistic presence of Christ within us.

I was pleased and dismayed simultaneously. Confused actually.

When they took a wrecking-ball to the churches after V2 and destroyed the beautiful altars and interiors they decided for some diabolic reason to set the tabernacle off somewhere else…in one local church until recently the tabernacle was way off and tucked further down the transept.


…and they wonder why the Catholic people don’t genuflect anymore?  I KNOW for a fact that many, many people are confused.  I see people “reverence” the altar, while ignoring the tabernacle and I see others doing the exact opposite. People don’t know what to do. They remember (or have a collective memory of) when “in times of old” the tabernacle AND the altar was one central focus of reverence.  Sadly, I think this is exactly what some evil bishops wanted…  and still want.  Confusion breeds apathy.  Apathy will breed faithlessness.

The destruction of our Catholic identity is the Devil’s work.

So, I approached Father X after Mass (respectfully and NOT in a smug or combative way – I assure you, especially those of you who know me well).  I asked; “Father, if you are concerned about the lack of reverence for symbols and actions…   why not put that tabernacle back in the center of the apse?   (but there is none architecturally – so back at the center of the altar)   and while you’re at it, maybe you would seriously consider Cardinal Sarah’s exhortation to celebrate Mass “Ad Orientem”?  This would certainly help to heighten consciousness – no?”

He nearly coughed out his false teeth!

His plump face turns pale and he snorts: “You’ll never get anywhere with ME on those ideas!”

So, I am left dismayed.

Lex Orandi Lex Crendendi

Poste Vaticane – Commemorative stamping to honor Martin Luther

Brought to you by Allan Gillis

From Fr. Z’s Blog (with great respect)


Yesterday I heard that the Vatican Post was to issue a commemorative stamp honoring Martin Luther.  HERE

To honor someone who so publicly ripped asunder the fabric of Christendom is appalling.  Who’s next?  Judas Iscariot?

This is like:

  • Augustus Caesar minting coins honoring Marcus Iunius Brutus
  • Sparta founding a momument for Ephialtes
  • West Point renaming a building for Benedict Arnold
  • Norway designating a national holiday for Vikdun Quisling
  • The FBI creating a plaque for the Rosenburgs

I want a special commemorative stamp of Leo X, who excommunicated Luther.  His tomb is in Santa Maria sopra Minerva.  The next time I’m in Rome, I’ll bring flowers for his grave.