Visit to a courageous priest

By Augustinus

I made an appointment with one of the priests at my parish. This is the man who celebrates mass ad orientam while his fellow priests smirk in the background. Arriving at his office I quickly looked around and on a table at the back of the office were standing the rubric cards for the Latin mass. When I asked about these he told me that he has privately been practicing the extraordinary form so that he will be ready if ever conditions change at the parish. Conditions at the parish are as follows: THERE is a group of parishioners who want a regular Latin mass but the parish pastor; the head priest has vetoed this request on the grounds that TWO priests must be willing to serve the Latin mass if it is to be put on the regular schedule. There are three priests at the parish and only the priest I was visiting has pledged to learn the extraordinary rite so there is no Latin mass on the schedule at my parish–this despite the fact that there is a stable group of parishoners AND a priest wishing to have that mass.  This is how Pope Benedict’s motu proprio on the extraordinary form has been undermined.



What truly IS Devotion?  How do I devote myself to a regimen of self-improvement as a Catholic gentleman?  Am I devoted?  If not, just exactly WHAT am I devoted to?   Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “what you think about all day is what you become”.  Frightening.   Very frightening indeed.

The egg-yolks of my two eggs this morning dripped and merged onto one piece of toast…    it was still egg-yolk.  God holds the elements and substance of this earth together in wonderful uniformity and diversity.  Anise seeds taste delightful – from tiny seed to tiny seed.  God is God.

The amazing healing of my nasty cut on my thumb from my Mandolin-Slicer –  self-inflicted on Saturday as I was famished and too-hurriedly slicing prosciutto and then the Parmigiano cheese and then the tip of my thumb!  Our bodies heal themselves –  truly amazing!

Why did the wrecking crew of the Sacred Liturgy back in the 70’s do away with the sumptuous word “Sabaoth” when they attacked the Sanctus?  Perhaps like the word “consubstantial” in the Credo – we’re all now too stupid to learn and handle these crucial words.  Those bastards!

Is snow white because it is void of color?  Or is it white?

Why do I feel such a heart-tug to tears when I hear little children praying and/or singing prominently at Holy Mass.  No guile.  No intellectual impediments.  No epistemological knots or quandaries.  Just simple and pure faith.  Makes me want to cry for simplicity and humility and mostly for love of God.

I’m willing to bet that God isn’t nearly as impressed with me as I am.

By Allan Gillis

That Man is You

By Augustinus

I just attended my first meeting of “Than Man is You” program. It is a program for men to re-shoulder the leadership God placed on men’s shoulder’s at the dawn of creation. My local parish is hosting the program which typically apparently lasts 4 years. Check it out at

I have only attended one meeting so I cannot unequivocally recommend it to other parishes or other men but today’s meeting had a lot of good content on the ills of the current anticatholic culture and the difficulties staying true to the church when the church is under active assault from the culture.



SNAP president resigns, following director, after lawsuit filed against group

February 06, 2017

The president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) has resigned her post, just a week after a lawsuit was filed against the group by a former employee.

Barbara Blaine, a founder of SNAP, resigned effective Friday, February 3. Her departure follows just one month after the resignation of the group’s national director, David Clohessy.

In January, Gretchen Hammond, a former fundraiser for SNAP, filed suit against the group, saying that she had been fired after she raised objections to SNAP’s fundraising practices. The lawsuit charges that SNAP “callously disregards the real interests” of sex-abuse victims, while soliciting donations from lawyers who handle the victims’ complaints. The lawsuit alleges that 80% of SNAP’s revenues come from plaintiffs’ lawyers, in donations that Hammond describes as tantamount to “kickbacks.”

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Just so you don’t think I’m the only one…

This from Rorate Caeli:

Unheard-of since the Papal States fell: Rome covered in posters critical of the Pope

Rome woke up this Saturday with something quite new, and very old, in its streets: posters throughout the City (in the style of the old “pasquinate“) critical of the Pope.
In English, from the Romanesco-inspired Italian:
Ah Francis, you have intervened in Congregations, removed priests, decapitated the Order of Malta and the Franciscans of the Immaculate, ignored Cardinals… but where is your mercy?
These were common at the time of the Papal States (before the fall of Porta Pia and the full unification of Italy in 1870): not for religious reasons, but rather for political complaints, since the Popes were also the secular rulers of the Pontifical territories.
Since then, these public criticisms of Pontiffs mostly disappeared in the City, considering the new Italian authorities were now those responsible for the secular government of the old papal territories, and that the Pope remained responsible only for religious matters. They still show up all the time against Italian politicians.
But when, by common Roman consent, the most tyrannical Pontiff since the Renaissance still has the gall of speaking under the name of mercy (!!!!), the humor of the Roman people does not remain silent when faced with this charade.
[Reported by ADN Kronos, via Marco Tosatti; second image by Mark Lambert]
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Should there be separation of church and state?

By Augustinus

Across most of history religion was integral to the polis; to what we call today “political affairs”. It is only in the protestant west during the last 2 or 3 hundred years that protestant intellectuals have advocated separation of church and “state”. During the founding of the USA there were huge debates about “disestablishment” or whether each state would choose its own “established” church/religion. Inspired by the atheism of the French revolution Jeffersonian radicals in the USA won the debate over religion in the public sphere and so “separation of church and state” became settled constitutional doctrine in the USA.

The separation doctrine has never really worked that well because human beings are largely religious creatures. They don’t like leaving their religion behind when they enter the public sphere. The history of political conflicts within the USA since the founding has largely been fueled by intrusions of religion into politics. there would have been no civil war and no abolition of slavery without the abolitionist religious fanatics to cite just one example.

The only reason why the separation has SEEMED to work well for the USA in the last 200 years is because the only religions the state has had to deal with are the emasculated form of Christianity (i.e. protestantism); and a protestantizing form of catholicism (the “Americanist” heresy gained allegiance from most of the catholic bishops throughout the 20th century. Americanism was given new life by Vatican II and by similar anti-catholic trends in Europe in the 20th century.

These two forms of Christianity do not threaten the state as they are inherently statist themselves. When a religion casts away its identity markers such as distinctive dress, distinctive liturgical ceremonies, public processions, a distinctive calendar of commemorative days, religiously homogenous ghettos, neighborhoods or communities and so on …in short when a religion forfeits culture to the state the state has won and the religion will accommodate to the state’s liturgical feasts, the states commemorative calendar, the state’s values etc.

The separation doctrine, however, is on its last legs. It cannot survive the 21st century. Unlike the emasculated forms of Christianity that have existed in America until now Islam cannot and will not be assimilated into the modern state. Similarly the the left wing of the Catholic church which is the main supporter of the Americanist heresy is on its way out seeing its last gasp in the papacy of Pope Francis. In Europe and in Russia orthodox brands of religion are on the rise. You do not need whole populations to adopt orthodoxy for the orthodox to win. You only need a dedicated few like St Francis of Assisi who along with St Dominic largely saved the church in the 12 century just as St Ignatius and the jesuits saved the church after the reformation nearly destroyed it in the 16th and 17th centuries and St Benedict did after the fall of Rome and the dawn of the dark ages. It is the saints who save the church but saints who are also leaders who can organize and inspire other men with zeal.

So, All the Snowflakes Are Upset…

By Allan Gillis

They think it “un-American” of President Trump (damn! It felt so nice to type that!) to put a temporary halt to immigration from several Muslim-majority countries.  Trump signed an executive order Friday that imposed a 120-day suspension of the refugee program and a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. from citizens of seven terror hot spots, including Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Sudan.  He insists it’s “not a Muslim ban” and blames the media for that suggestion. He says it is a plan to keep Americans safe and I believe it and heartily endorse it.

“America is a proud nation of immigrants.” The President said the country “will continue to show compassion to those fleeing oppression,” but “while protecting our own citizens and border.”

If you’re going to whine about it – then I dare you to watch this latest video of how ISIS is training kids to kill us – you and me.

…have the balls to watch this and then tell me how you feel about just letting ANYONE here into our country.

Kids training with Glocks (?) hunting down prisoners who have their hands tied behind them as they are left to scramble in an abandoned building.

This is REAL.      Coming soon to a public place near you!

Our Hippie-Pope longs for the 60’s-70’s, Groovy!

Frankie wants to take a hammer to the recent ICEL. The interpretations re-tooled after the 60’s version of the Roman Missal was finally heaved due to its “creative” license with language. This recent ICEL seemed nice to me – nice; in that it was MUCH MORE adherent to the Latin text for liturgy!  What’s wrong with that Frankie?!?  You give me such heartburn!  Why can’t YOU retire and give us back our Pope!

Catholic World News reports:

Pope orders fresh review of liturgical translations

January 27, 2017

Pope Francis has ordered a new review of the principles that guide translations of the liturgy, America magazine has confirmed.

The Pope reportedly formed a commission to review Liturgiam Authenticam, the document issued by the Vatican in 2001 that called for liturgical translations that adhered closely to the Latin of the Roman Missal. That document, which led to a new and more accurate English translation of liturgy, has continued to draw criticism from liturgists who favor a more “creative” interpretation of the language of the Mass.

The Pope’s decision to launch such a review has been widely rumored, but never officially announced. The commission has not yet met, America reports, nor has the list of its members been made public. However, it will be chaired by Archbishop Arthur Roche, the secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship—rather than by that congregation’s prefect, Cardinal Robert Sarah, who is known to favor a more conservative approach.

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Two old contrasting shows on western civilization

By Augustinus

Compare Kenneth Clark’s history of civilization (see with John Berger’s take on western civilization and Berger’s “critique” of Kenneth Clark’s perspective in particular ( Both are BBC series on the history of western art. Clark essentially ascribes the vitality of the western tradition with the generative capacity of the Catholic Church to renew the “confidence” of the west in itself. It is that “confidence” that Clark argues creates a civilization. Berger focuses only on the post-renaissance period and the tradition of oil painting. In Berger’s view oil painting and perspective developed in order to advertise the wealth and power of the painting’s owners. In his self-portraits Rembrandt at first used oil painting like all the other artists–to advertise power and status. But then as he got older Berger shows how Rembrandt’s self-portraits changed as he aged. He still used oil paint techniques but he used those techniques against the tradition of status displays. Instead Berger says, Rembrandt turned his self portraits into a display of honesty, suffering and a question…”Existence itself as a question”.

John Berger who died this past year was one of the more profound Marxist thinkers but he could still not see what Kenneth Clark could see: the pivotal and generative role the Catholic Church played in the creation of western art. In episode after episode Clark visits spots in the west that once contained priceless works of arts from Celtic crosses to stained glass windows to free standing sculptures of Mary to whole monasteries…architectural wonders — ALL destroyed by the Taliban-like protestant  fanatics celebrated recently by the newly enlightened Vatican city state under Pope Francis.

Need to Throw Up?

Check this out!        This’ll make ya barf!        Remember “The Culture-Vulture” here in Boston?!

“The Lord sent us a treasure to lead us safely home”: it’s Pope Francis

She’s a bit “long-in-the-tooth” for the bleached-blond look – and she clearly needs a bit less makeup and a bit more fabric for her dresses.  God love her.   I wince as I hear the obvious American “Country” style music influence on popular Irish music these days for the “older set” over in the “old country”.  “Papa Francis”???  Are you shittin’ me?

God help us! I just being a culture-snob?
“Song for Pope Francis composed and performed by Emily Clarke ahead of the 2018 Papal Visit to Ireland.” – See more at: