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Why is the Church disarming when other “faiths” are arming?

By Augustinus

If we look around the world today we see that in every case religions are arming; that is they are becoming more militant and aggressive and in most cases actively persecuting Christians. Hindu nationalists just recently attacked several Christian villages in India, hacking to pieces several christian families. Islam is resurgent and annihilating Christians in the middle east and South Asia, while conducting terror attacks on western countries and colonizing Europe. Judaism is armed to the teeth in Israel, and its orthodox citizens openly spit on Christians when they pass in the street. Fanatical Israelis harass, shoot at and paint slogans on Christian churches in an effort to destroy the Christian presence in the Holy Land. The darlings of the western intelligentsia, the Buddhists, are also attacking Christians throughout Asia.  Just recently in Sri Lanka a mob led by some 30 Buddhist monks attempted to burn down several Christian churches.

What is the response of the Church to these threats? I see no organized response at all. Why are the sharks circling the church and becoming more brazen in recent years? Because they sense vulnerability. With the rise of militant Islam and its explicit aim to annihilate Christianity and the west the church is physically vulnerable in a way that it hasn’t been since the Ottomans campaigns against the Hapsburgs in the early modern age, culminating in the siege of Vienna in 1683.

It seem incredible but it seems we actually have to remind Christians in the West that Christianity can be militarily wiped out! It has happened many times in many places (most often after Islamic conquest) that Christian polities have been militarily destroyed.

When will the church wake up?