Save Our Catholic Church

This blog is dedicated to discussion of the crisis in the global Roman Catholic Church. While all agree that there is a crisis there is no agreement on how to respond to that crisis. Founded by three Catholic men who revere the Church and its mission; to hand on– intact, the inexhaustible riches of Christ, this blog will seek to explore responses to the crisis that are consistent with magisterial teaching and faithful to the traditions of the Church. To some extent the Church has always been in crisis but the crisis we face in the modern age is different. First, it is global –encompassing far more than the cultures rooted in the European west and the ancient Roman Empire. Second, the modern crisis occurs in the context of the rise and incomparable successes of the sciences which seem to call into question the veracity of fundamental church doctrines. Third, political cultures all around the world have adopted the legal doctrine or at least the popular mindset of “separation of church and state”, thus treating the Catholic Church like any other religious faction and consequently banishing all talk of God from the public square. Fourth, the global human community itself is facing unprecedented challenges on every front and is doing so – seemingly, without the clearly-articulated and singularly-principled leadership of the Church. Fifth and finally, Holy Mother Church is divided within itself with those divisions appearing as intractable – rooted as they are in ancient disputes about fundamental doctrine.

What can a blog like this do to address these extraordinary challenges confronting the Church in the modern age?  Only the Holy Spirit can answer that question.