The Joy of Assisi – Part 5

Two thousand years ago, the Romans excavated the side of a large hill in what is now, Umbria. They built a temple to Minerva halfway up the side of the mountain that gleamed in the sunlight and could be seen from across the entire valley.  As time passed, the temple became the center of a small town and eventually was incorporated into the community and transformed into a church.


Thousands of years after the temple stood alone on the side of the hill, it remains the center of Assisi. As I sat on the worn, marble steps and put my hand on a marble column, I thought of St Francis playing here as a young boy. There was a time when he played on these ancient steps with no knowledge of the path that God had set in front of him. Now, I was blessed to share that space and realize how little I know of the future. I asked St Francis to join me as I prayed for God’s blessing.

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