Christians are under threat in middle east including Israel

by Augustinus

The systematic persecution of Christians in Muslim lands has been well documented. Less well known is the systematic persecution of Christians by some fanatical Jews in Israel. The church has to wake up to the fact that many if not most of these extremist Jews routinely trash the catholic church and even mainstream Jews believe in the myth that the church persecuted the Jews for centuries. No-one can deny that there was persecution of the Jews in European countries (and in the Muslim world as well) for centuries. That this persecution was orchestrated by the Church however is largely myth. The church is undergoing violent persecution in the middle east, Africa and Asia…The persecutors are mostly Muslim extremists or Communist fanatics. But we need to be aware of persecution no matter where it is coming from. There is a mystifying refusal by most Christians to wake up to the fact that there is a violent anti-christian strain among extremist¬† Jewish communities including powerful ones in Israel. Those extremist cults have a tendency to grow and and grow until they command positions of power.¬† See


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