Pope and Patriarch, Justice Scalia and Gravitational Waves

By Augustinus

Three historically significant events took place this week: 1) the Pope had an in-person meet with the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox church; 2) Justice Antonin Scalia died (RIP) and 3) scientists experimentally detected gravitational waves. Scalia is a sore loss for the Catholic Church in America as he was a staunch defender of the Church’s religious freedom and of its basic positions in the culture wars. I will never forget reading his stinging dissent on the recent Obergfell decision where he upbraided the 5 court majority for hubris, arrogance and folly. He noted that these 5 justices felt that they knew more than all other previous supreme court justices not to mention thousands of years of previous intellectually and legal precedent on the definition of marriage. The speed with which an entire civilization is willing to cut its own throat astonished Scalia as it does me. The drastic decline in fertility rates across the Western world began before the legalization of same sex “marriage” but that legalization will surely only hasten the self-destruction of the west.

The meeting between the Pope and the patriarch will likely not lead to any kind of real union between the eastern and western churches but it may lead to a more coordinated defense (by the two wings of the one church) of Christian minorities within the Muslim world and that is surely a good thing.

The experimental detection of gravitational waves is being heralded as a major scientific accomplishment and it undoubtedly is but it may also signal a slowing down of the ongoing investigations into the properties of quantum non-locality. We will see.

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