The Novus Ordo Funeral – Are They Serious?

By Allan Gillis

My dad suffered a great loss last week.  His wife of almost forty years passed away after a losing battle with a raging pancreatic cancer.  She was a decent and honest woman by most measures.  I was at peace with her – and she with me.   She died a “lapsed Catholic” – whatever that means in today’s parlance.  But, my half-brother knew a priest – who knew a priest, that agreed to visit (toward the end) and to say a Funeral Mass.  Family members from all over attended the Mass.  Of the 60 or so people there – that I knew – maybe two or three were practicing Catholics… as opposed to being “ethnic-Catholics” as I have conjured the term after years of watching many Boston-Irish/Italian-Catholics piously cross themselves at Masses like this – then get in their cars with political bumper-stickers supporting pro-abortion politicians and drive home to their live-in girlfriends – not attending another Mass ’til another funeral comes up.

So this Mass was no different.  I saw people there that I knew had openly held the Church in complete contempt – go up and take Holy Communion. To be nice.  I watched as people clumsily tried to bow their heads one moment and then completely and most uncomfortably “go through (what they thought might be) the motions” of Holy Reverence to the The Most Holy Sacrament.  Forgetting completely to genuflect as they approached the altar and ambo to read these vapid and platitudinous poems and collections of attempts at humorous rememberances at Holy Mass. The kind and gentle priest with his trademark Irish brogue hardly knew anything about the deceased but for the short list of trite attributes given him by family members. So, his eulogy was stingingly vague…he cited her “love of animals” and “her devotion to her children” (for which one out of the seven children of my father’s was hers) and consequently it seemed almost disjointed and fallacious.  What ever happened to the old days when we all actually went to Mass faithfully and the parish priest actually KNEW us?  It is all so contrived now…a masquerade.  I watched a practicing homosexual (with his “husband” sitting beside him in the pew) get up and go for communion.  I was sick.

Vatican II has devastated the liturgy and has annihilated the Catholic family/parish.  Shame! Shame! Shame!!!  …and there are too many Churchmen who revel in this debacle.  Below is a piece I found in the wonderful blog Rorate Caeli today…   talk about Novus Ordo funerals!

A Vatican II Moment: Priest Incenses Moka-Pot Coffemaker – With Ashes Inside in Novus Ordo Funeral Mass

Strangeness never ends in Novus Ordo territory: one of the popularizers of the stovetop moka pot coffemaker, Renato Bialetti, died days ago in Italy (son of Alfonso Bialetti, for whose company the machine was first invented decades ago – the Bialetti family has not owned the Bialetti brand for many years).
Was he buried as countless generations of Catholic Italians? No, in a last bit of branding, he was cremated and his ashes were placed in a … Bialetti Coffemaker during what can be called a Coffemaker Funeral Mass. There is a video to prove it… We are quite sure they all thought this was a beautiful and brilliant idea. And there was no ecclesiastical authority to stop it.

The priest duly incensed the Coffemaker (video in this link). This all happened in the Parish of St. Thomas the Apostle, Montebuglio, near Omegna, in the Diocese of Novara, Lombardy, Italy.

By the way, was it a lack of space of money?… No: as the report above clarifies, the coffemaker was “buried” in the very wealthy family’s cemetery plot in Omegna, Lombardy.

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and they wonder.

One thought on “The Novus Ordo Funeral – Are They Serious?

  1. Roy

    I’m sorry for your loss and also for your distress at the state of the liturgy in your Church.

    Your post reminded me of my own Mother’s funeral mass.. most notably of the great and generous part you played in it – reading her eulogy at the end of the service. Whtever you thought of what you were given to read – you read it beautifully. It meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to all of us. Thanks for that.




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