Luther Vs. Lefebvre

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..and I agree with Michael Matt wholeheartedly

The Church of Accompaniment: Luther vs. Lefebvre

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Francis says his new, non-judgmental Church is the ‘church of accompaniment’. Question is: accompaniment to where? Heaven? Hell? La-La Land? Not sure what Pope Francis is talking about anymore? Join the club.

Plus, Michael Matt announces he is standing with a much-maligned defender of the Church.  Which one? Watch this video to find out.

7 thoughts on “Luther Vs. Lefebvre

    1. Allan Gillis

      IF they truly were “outside the Church”…as you assert, (and they’re NOT – Benedict lifted the ex-communication) would you prefer they stay out there?
      …and if you do prefer this – what is it about Lefebvre (Fellay) that frightens those of your quarter mon frère?

  1. sshields

    Not much to say. I’m not an expert on the Lefebvre group. All the writings I have read are slanted in one way or the other, but they seem to be another “My way or the highway” group from the writings that are attributed to them.

    Being “outside the Church” is an interesting position. I suppose Anglicans are “outside the Church” as are Orthodox, but in their own way. Either the Church is too liberal or too conservative or too much something, so they go their own way and insist they won’t be back until the Catholic Church gets it right. (Queue John Mayer’s “Waiting for the World to Change”)

    Ultimately, we are all wandering pilgrims trying to find our way to Christ. Insisting that we are right, simply means we are focusing too much on insisting someone else is wrong. Catholics have a responsibility to make this journey and “proclaim with our hearts and lips” that Jesus is our Savior. We can’t force others to take that journey or judge that their footsteps are out if sync with ours. We can only walk together and engage in dialog to share our experience with the Holy Spirit.

  2. Allan Gillis

    James 5:19 & 20
    ” Fratres mei, si quis ex vobis erraverit a veritate, et converterit quis eum: scire debet quoniam qui converti fecerit peccatorem ab errore viae suae, salvabit animam ejus a morte, et operiet multitudinem peccatorum.

    My brother Stephen says: “[we shouldn’t] … judge that their footsteps are out if sync with ours. We can only walk together and engage in dialog to share our experience with the Holy Spirit.”

    what pap! poppycock! kaka-pooh-pooh!

    in order to “convert him who sins” we MUST thereby JUDGE whether or not he is sinning!!!!! Scripture and Tradition point quite clearly often to what is sin and what is not. We are therefore urged to MAKE JUDGEMENTS! (imagine that!?!) Rational, loving judgements. I strive to be quick to hear and slow to speak… but, I will often call a spade, a spade. As did Bishop Lefrevre.

  3. Steve Shields

    Our Savior suggested we will be judged as we judge others and forgiven as we forgive. It is with this knowledge that we each walk our journey.

  4. Allan Gillis

    …and I shall be very careful how I judge! But, I will use my rational brain as God gave me and I shall make judgements! I am also profoundly aware of forgiving those who offend me as I hope to be forgiven… but, judging blatant sin, heresy or apostasy is a completely different matter than forgiving a personal offense. The former is a sin against God and His Holy Church, the latter is usually an offense to me personally. I think it best to judge the former and exhort or rebuke while dealing personally (and inwardly) with an offense against my person. Two different things fratello caro!


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