The Impact of Global Human Trafficking

We are often so embroiled by our own national misfortunes that we miss the importance human trafficking has own our economy and national stability. When companies send jobs overseas to countries with little or no labor protection, the lowest bidder is often the overseas company that pays the least for their workers and promotes sweat shop environments that do not hesitate to apply a little coercion to keep the workers productive. Often, these workers are brought in from other poor countries with promises of good paying jobs and end up as slave labor with no chance of leaving.

This is important to us in the USA because we are addicted to the fruits of cheap labor. The market wants to keep prices down and profits up and are willing to look the other way to maintain the status quo. However, we also pay for it on the other end, since it is impossible for an industrial country to compete with slave labor. There is, frankly, no way to level the playing field.

In my previous article, I mentioned this as the interesting thread that bonds Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Pope Francis. Donald may talk about NAFTA, while Bernie talks about income equality and Pope Francis talks about human trafficking, but they are all connected. NAFTA created a vacuum that allowed human trafficking to thrive overseas and the result is massive income inequality for Americans.

So the question is: Do Catholics have a moral responsibility to fight human trafficking?

Pope Francis leads the charge against 21st century slavery


5 thoughts on “The Impact of Global Human Trafficking

  1. Allan Gillis

    …you crafty fellow you!!! No, I won’t put my foot in the snare! I DO NOT believe that Catholics have the “moral responsibility to fight” NAFTA or “income inequality”! Nice try tho’!!!

  2. Allan Gillis

    “Human trafficking” as a term seems to have “morphed” a bit… kinda like “hate crimes”
    and “micro-aggressions”. Its now a hate crime to proclaim that there are only two sexes…

    Sin is everywhere brother. Depriving one of their just wages is a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance, as is homosexuality. I don’t hear many from your quarter howling about sodomy as a sin…
    doesn’t that make you wonder abit Stephie? In your support for Bernie and his tilting-at-windmills-campaign against “income inequality” in America – do you easily square yourself with another ominous leftist campaign-plank to support and increase homosexual marriage and the furtherance of laws allowing sick transsexual men – dressed as women “the right” to go to the same bathroom in a restaurant or shopping mall as my little granddaughter?


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