Frankie doesn’t need a spin-doctor? Who you kiddin’ Father?!

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Father Lombardi: Pope does not a need spin doctor

'We're losing the war, Your Majesty — What shall we do?' 'Fire the generals and hire some spin doctors!'

July 12, 2016
Pope Francis does not need a spin doctor, his outgoing spokesman told an Italian interviewer.
Father Federico Lombardi, who will step down in May from his post as director of the Vatican press office, told Andrea Tornielli of La Stampa: “The Pope does not even need interpreters.” When asked whether the Pontiff needs a “spin doctor,” he replied: “I think not, at least I have never had that attitude.” Father Lombardi denied that he worries about the consequences of the Pope’s frequent extemporaneous remarks, although he has often been called upon to clarify papal statements. [ ya think? ]
Asked what has been the most difficult aspect of his tenure as the chief Vatican spokesman, Father Lombardi answered that it was coping with sex-abuse scandal, which he found “very painful.”


So, Father Lombardi is being “replaced” by an accomplished American journalist and “media-relations” guru!   How cool is that Frankie?   The thing is – as much as Lombardi wants to deny it – Greg Burke is EXACTLY what they won’t admit is needed; a spin doctor! and over at the leftist CRUX they’re “lathering” all over themselves because a woman was named as Vice-Director of the Vatican Press Office.  It’s a riot!

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