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Humbly, I Ask For Your Charitable Consideration

I once said years ago that for those who love God – there are no “accidents” in life. I felt as though if you were one of “God’s kids” then the little (or big) things that happen in daily life could never be just a coincidence.  Good or bad.  I’m older now and I still understand life to be just that way…”He knows my sitting down and my standing” (Psalm 138:1-2 – yesterday’s Introit for the EF Mass).

So, as I have been rejoicing and in wonderment lately about how well things are going and proclaiming everywhere and to everyone that “God is so good to me”  –  I suddenly get a real kick in the ass.  I am especially cognizant during this trial that God is God.  He is Dominus Deo, Patrem Omnipotentem.  Whether things are good for piddly-little me or not.  He is God.   Period.    …and I STILL owe Him worship and praise.

So, with that said, I ask YOU for your prayers to the Lord our God for me and my family at this time.  We received a bit of bad medical news recently and its a bit frightening. I KNOW that “fervent prayers… availeth much” and I covet your charitable consideration of me and mine as you pray.

God bless you and I thank you sincerely.

I’ll offer more information soon and keep you all “posted” as things brighten in the weeks ahead.    I promise.

Allan Gillis

Trinitarianism as a defining mark of true doctrine

By Augustinus

The central event in world history was the incarnation; i.e. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The appearance among us of the Word made flesh revealed the trinitarian nature of the Godhead…Jesus referred to his Father and to a Holy Spirit as equal in dignity and power. Many people cannot cognize One God in three persons. Those who cannot SEE this central fact of revelation history become captured by ideologies that are essentially in reaction to the trinitarian revelation. Rabbinic Judaism was the first reaction against Christian trinitarianism. They accepted ONe God but could not perceive its three-personed nature despite the many references to the trinity in the old Hebrew scripture. The Greek, Pagan and Roman world  rejected trinitarianism  outright, except for Plotinus. The Northern European Barbarians also rejected trinitarianism preferring instead the Arian heresy.

Of course the most vehement rejection of trinitarianism came from Islam. Islam not only rejected the trinity outright as did the the rationalist Greek and Romans, Islam rejected the trinity not on rational grounds but on grounds of pretended revelation. Islam never produced a sustained rationalist tradition. It never even produced one or two outstanding philosophers like Plotinus who arrived at an intuition of the trinity by rational means alone. Instead there has been a consistent fanatical rejection of trinitarianism as a form of paganism.

Other religions have produced intuitions of the trinity such as the Hindu, the Zoroastrians and a few others. But the clearest revelation ocurred in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.


#NotMyPope trending in Europe! – Who’d a thunk it?


August 16, 2016 By

#NotMyPope trending in Europe as Church handles Islamic crisis worse than sex abuse crisis

“The Pope and others in the Church are not telling the truth about Islam. Some think they are doing so deliberately as part of a strategy to prevent further radicalization. Some (myself included) think they are doing so out of sheer naïveté. In either case, if they continue to defend Islam as a peaceful religion, it is bound to result in a crisis of trust and a crisis of faith.”

I think they are doing this out of a false and misguided understanding of Christian charity that is so welcoming to “the stranger” that it won’t stop welcoming him even at the point of civilizational suicide. This foolishness combined with the globalist agenda of the political and media elites has the Church and the West in the fix they’re in. As millions of Muslims stream into Europe, and mainstream politicians and the Church demonize opposition to this suicidal madness as “hatred” and “bigotry,” millions of Christians stream out of the Church that has abandoned them, and the free world, at the hour of greatest need.

(By the way, it was our own Hugh Fitzgerald who first noted the #NotMyPope hashtag here on August 4.)


“The Church and Islam: The Next Cover-up Scandal,” by William Kilpatrick, Crisis, August 10, 2016:

“#NotMyPope.”In the wake of Pope Francis’ equivocal response to the murder of a French priest by two Islamic jihadists, that’s the top trending hashtag in France and in Belgium.

Which raises a question: Is the Pope doing more harm than good by continuing to deny—in the face of a mountain of evidence—that Islam has anything to do with violence?

As I’ve noted several times in the past, the Church’s handling of the Islamic crisis may prove to be far more scandalous than its handling of the sex abuse crisis. The main scandal surrounding the revelation of priestly sex abuse was that it was covered up for a very long time by priests, pastors, and even bishops. By their silence, many Church officials were, in effect, denying that there was a serious problem. The effect on Catholic morale was profound. In those places which were most seriously affected by the scandals, such as Massachusetts and Ireland, church attendance dropped off dramatically. Disaffected Catholics didn’t necessarily lose their faith in God but they did lose faith in the Catholic Church.

The Church’s handling of the numerous cases of “Islamic abuse” has the potential for causing a greater scandal. The similarities are striking. Once again we have Church leaders who deny that there is any serious problem. This can be seen, for example, in Pope Francis’ repeated assurances that Islamic violence is the work of “a small group of fundamentalists” who, according to him, don’t have anything to do with Islam. And once again, we have a cover-up—this time of the aggressive nature of Islam. After every terrorist incident, the Pope or some Vatican spokesman leaps to the defense of Islam lest anyone get the idea that there is a link between Islam and violence.

This is sometimes done by denying that terrorist groups or individual jihadists are motivated by religious beliefs (despite voluminous evidence that they are). Sometimes it is done by drawing a moral equivalence between Islam and other religions. Recently, when asked why he did not speak of Islamic violence, the Pope replied that “If I speak of Islamic violence, I must speak of Catholic violence.” Of course, it’s a false comparison. When Catholics commit violence they do not do so in the name of their religion, but in violation of it. Most people realize that there is an enormous difference between the Catholic “who has murdered his girlfriend,” and the jihadist who slits a priest’s throat while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

And that’s the problem. More and more people can see that what the Pope and others in the hierarchy are saying about Islam and Islamic violence doesn’t comport with reality. If things continue in this direction, it will generate an enormous crisis of confidence in the Church. It is potentially a crisis of much great proportion than the sex abuse scandals. This time the victims of the cover-up will be counted not in the thousands, but in the tens of millions. And this time we will be talking not about damaged lives, but about dead bodies.

Millions of Christians in the Middle East and Africa are already dead as a result of jihad violence, and millions more have been forced to flee their homes (see here and here). It’s estimated that some two million were killed by Muslims in Sudan alone between 1983 and 1995. Many of the victims were completely unprepared because they had been assured by Church leaders that Islam is a peaceful religion just like Christianity or Judaism. In Europe, millions more are threatened by an influx of Muslim migrants—a migration that many Church authorities have encouraged. As Robert Spencer put it in a recent column, “The Pope is betraying the Christians of the Middle East and the world, and all the victims of jihad violence, by repeating palpable falsehoods about the motivating ideology of attacks upon them.” Jean-Clément Jeanbart, the Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo, said something similar last year when he criticized his brother bishops in France for ignoring the persecution of Middle Eastern Christians. He castigated them for being uninformed and in thrall to political correctness.

The Pope and others in the Church are not telling the truth about Islam. Some think they are doing so deliberately as part of a strategy to prevent further radicalization. Some (myself included) think they are doing so out of sheer naïveté. In either case, if they continue to defend Islam as a peaceful religion, it is bound to result in a crisis of trust and a crisis of faith….

Doin’ a great job there Frankie!

Bergoglio's Grille

Brought to you by Allan Gillis

Motherless Prisoners of War

Brought to you by Allan Gillis

I just had to share this. This is a featured piece from The Remnant yesterday. Frightening and oh so sad.

American Mommies in Combat

Written by Michael Matt-

Waif -Sad Little girl behind barbed wire with doll

Back in December, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that the military would open all combat jobs—from the infantry to special-operations forces—to women. In January 2016, all branches of the military were required to submit their plans to the Defense Department for the gender integration of combat units. And just like that, America put the world on notice: We’ve lost our mind, lost our heart, lost our soul.

 There she sat, a beautiful little child, peering into the camera with wide, almond eyes; her skin was olive-colored and her hair was a deep brown. Her eyes were tearless, which was surprising considering why this little one was being featured in a nightly news story. Her mommy was going away, you see, for a long time; and no one could tell her when her world would be restored. Blank and empty was the expression she wore on her face; she didn’t understand, she couldn’t understand.

Was her mommy a refugee fleeing war in Syria? No, indeed not. Her mother was an American. In fact, she’s an American hero. She had something really important to do—more important, in fact, than staying home with her four-year-old. You see mommy is a soldier, fighting for the United States Army. It’s off to war for her to save us all from the evil ones and to ‘protect our freedom’.

Mommy began pleading her case just then: “I think the government should pay us more, too, since my unit has been called up. My family needs more money now that I’m off to do my duty.”

Oh, is that why this little urchin looks like death warmed over, because she needs more money?

The camera pans out and the child appears again in the frame. She’s looking away now, but she still won’t cry, almost as if she can’t. She’s beyond that somehow, like a hundred tearful nights have left a void in her soul that makes her numb inside where no more tears are made.

I can’t listen anymore to the vapid chatter about duty, combat and compensation. What about a mother’s sacred duty to nurture and protect her little ones? Not one word.

I focus in on the child. Maybe she can’t cry, but we can cry for her. She looks at a little doll that she’s been sort of carelessly clutching in her arms. All at once, it drops to the floor and she blankly stares down at her fallen plastic pal, while her mother speaks in a tough voice about her life as a soldier.

The little girl makes no move to retrieve the doll; she just stares at it lying there next to her mother’s combat boot.

Support the troops? Really?

What has happened to us? All the nobility, the romance, the mystery, the innocence, the joy is being ripped from our lives, and what remains is a cold new reality with no heart, no wonderment, no love—just reversed and disordered and ugly.

Little children say goodbye to mothers wearing flak jackets, fathers ‘marry’ other fathers and even adopt children; women’s husbands go off to share battleship quarters with female sailors; fathers and mothers divorce and remarry, and divorce and remarry and then divorce again, while children are shuffled from house to house like boxes of blenders and toasters ever in search of a home.

Broken homes, shattered families, fractured hearts, calloused souls, cities in flames, assassinated cops, women in combat, lesbian marriages, sodomite adoptions—welcome to the new world order where soon, as Dostoyevsky observes in his “Notes from Underground”:

We shall not know. . .what to cling to, what to love, what to hate. We are oppressed at being men – men with a real individual body and blood. We think it a disgrace and contrive to be some sort of impossible generalized man. We are stillborn, and for generations past have been begotten not by living fathers. Soon we shall contrive to be born from an idea.”

I’d rather lose all the wars and suffer all the consequences than send the mothers of our future into combat. We’ve lost the world war anyway, now that we’re dragging our mothers down into the gutters and the mire and the battlefields from which our fathers shielded them for a thousand years. Yes, I know—this makes me a “sexist pig”. Whatever! At least I know which bathroom to use.

How quickly we’ve grown accustomed to our own barbarism. And no matter who wins the White House in November, will any of this change? Will anyone walk back the things that actually matter to the future of our civilization, or are we cursed to be forever locked away in this egalitarian prison where men think they’re women, women think they’re men, and children don’t know what they are anymore.

Well, most children don’t. Look at this little girl’s face:

little lady

No doubt she’s seen more blood and bombs than any of us can imagine, but quite obviously she’s hasn’t been feminized, she hasn’t been brainwashed.  Despite her dirty little feet and unkempt hair, she’s blithely retained the femininity and innocence so loathed by the would-be masters of our universe. She’s a young lady and she knows it, because no ‘liberated” feminist dolt has poisoned her soul and perverted her mind.    

And she’s stolen the heart of the soldier, of course, awakening in him something maybe he’d forgotten was there—something noble, something truly masculine and even chivalrous he’s no doubt been trained to ignore as the residual prejudices of a dark time and the benighted people of yesterday.

But the pretty little girl in a war-torn dress effortlessly transforms the “killing machine” back into a human being for just a moment, even as war rages all around him. His smile eclipses even his big, black gun, as everyone involved with this charming yet contradictory moment in time is captivated by the awesome complementarity of the sexes as God created them—a complementarity under nuclear attack everywhere in our brave new world.

Please, God, may we never become equal, except in Your eyes, and may we never be brainwashed by the heartless builders of motherless prisons.  

I wholeheartedly concur with Mr. Matt.  America has already lost the battle – we lost it the day American men decided to stop being men.

Tell Me What’s Wrong With This Picture

By Allan Gillis

I’m confused …the Lutherans are completely fine with us?  “Unity in Christ with Catholics”???    I see something askew – even in THIS report.  Do you see it?

Evangelical Lutheran Assembly approves ‘historic’ statement of accord with Catholics

Catholic World News

August 16, 2016

America’s largest Lutheran organization has announced that “Church-dividing issues” have been resolved, and the path is clear for unity with the Catholic Church.”

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America approved a statement entitled “Declaration on the Way,” which lists agreements that have been achieved with the US Catholic bishops’ conference on issues including the nature of the Church and the Eucharist. The statement was approved by an overwhelming 931- 9 vote at the Churchwide Assembly in New Orleans.

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton of the Evangelical Lutheran Church said that the statement “helps us to realize more fully our unity in Christ with Catholic partners, but it also serves to embolden our commitment to unity with all Christians.”

Celebrating Our Blessed Lady

By Allan Gillis

Yesterday was the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today is a feast honoring her father St. Joachim.

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven at the end of her earthly life is a defined dogma of the Catholic Church. On November 1, 1950, Pope Pius XII, exercising papal infallibility, declared in Munificentissimus Deus that it is a dogma of the Church “that the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.” As a dogma, the Assumption is a required belief of all Catholics; anyone who publicly dissents from the dogma, Pope Pius declared, “has fallen away completely from the divine and Catholic Faith.”

While the Eastern Orthodox believe in the Dormition, they object to the papal definition of the dogma, seeing it as unnecessary, since belief in Mary’s bodily assumption, tradition holds, goes back to apostolic times.

Pope Pius XII, in the text explaining his definition of the dogma of the Assumption, refers repeatedly to the Blessed Virgin’s death before her Assumption, and the consistent tradition in both the East and the West holds that Mary did die before she was assumed into Heaven.

I love the word “tradition”.    I especially love the word “tradition” when contrasted with the term “sola scriptura”…oh!   …oh how impoverished are those poor protestants! Anyway, here is the film of Pacelli making the historic dogmatic proclamation.

for those of you who speak Italian:   questo è stato un momento migliore , quando il Papa non aveva paura di essere Papa!         E ‘ una cosa molto buona che Roma è in Italia – no ?

Psalm 118 This is the Day the Lord has Made

Since I am on a roll with publishing some of the psalms I have been recording, I thought I would add one of my favorites which I wrote the music for back in 2012 and then recorded with my wife, Allison and Daughter-In-Law, Sarah several years ago.  The recording is not as polished as some of the newer stuff, but Allison and Sarah do a much better job on the vocals than I ever could.

Psalm 118 is the traditional psalm of Easter Sunday. Let us rejoice and be glad!