Noel Holly Joy – A Christmas Guitar Medley

A remix of a Christmas medley I pulled together back in 2010. The original was very mushy, so I tried to clean it up to capture the pure guitar sound. Hats off to the first finger style players I ever heard (John Fahey) and (later) Will Ackerman. Both developed their own styles of solo guitar Christmas music, which led me to believe I could develop my own style as well. This was recorded with my Santa Cruz OM/PW, which I have since passed on to Noah. The guitar in the picture is my 1994 Taylor Presentation guitar. There is a story about this Taylor…

Back in 1994, I read a review of this guitar in Guitar Player magazine. Taylor had a special run of 250 presentation guitars for their 20th anniversary and the reviewer loved them. After that, they became my dream guitar. I never expected to own one since they were so rare and outrageously expensive.

Ten years ago, I had taken over as Director for our local parish choir and started down the road of writing and playing music. In my desire to find the right instrument, I came upon one in Guitar Center. I was thinking of buying it, but I hesitated because it was so beat up and someone else picked it up. On my way home, I was kicking myself and Allison said “if it was meant to be, it will come to you”.

Two months later, I found it back in Guitar Center – the buyer decided to return it, but this time I bought it. Six months later, after some heavy duty work by a wonderful local luthier, it was ready to play that stayed as my main guitar until I stopped directing the choir this summer.

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