Song for Noah

I wrote this back in 2013 for my youngest son. I recorded it in 2014, but was never happy with the mix. This is a re-mix from the original now that I am starting to get better at this.

3 thoughts on “Song for Noah

  1. Allan Gillis

    that’s very pretty Steph! I hear a lute or a mandolin playing and dancing on some counter-notes there in the future or at least a softening nylon-string guitar with a bit of a Flamenco riff…

  2. sshields Post author

    Thanks Al – I have been re-recording and re-mixing many of the songs I wrote over the years. I have many more and plan to keep this up into retirement (I turned 60 this week). The Psalms have always been the main focus, but I have done a lot of solo guitar work that I want to record correctly. There will be more to come.

    Peace and All Good!



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