Pope Francis is a …wait for it…


There, I said it.

So Bergoglio fully intends to celebrate the life and work of a man who was pronounced by the Church – “Ex Cathedra”,  a heretic.  Martin Luther was a covenant-breaking liar who was used like a tool by Satan to catastrophically break the Church contrary to Our Lord’s prayer that we be “one” as Jesus and The Father are one. (St. John Chapter 17).

Catholic World News reported yesterday that “Pope Francis said that Catholics can learn a great deal from Lutherans, in an interview published as he prepared for a trip to Sweden to join in commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.”

Celebrating or commemorating “The Reformation”?    WHY?!?!   (See my post dated January 29th 2016 “Celebrate The Reformation”!)

Speaking about what Catholics should learn from Martin Luther, the Pope said: “Two words come to my mind: reform and Scripture.” He explained that Luther set out to reform “a complex situation” in the Church, but because of political considerations his effort caused “a state of separation, and not a process of reform of the whole Church.” Regarding Scripture, he said, “Luther took a great step in putting the Word of God into the hands of the people.” Speaking more generally about ecumenical relations, the Pontiff said, “Personally, I believe that enthusiasm must shift toward common prayer and the works of mercy” rather than concentrating on theological discussions. “To do something together is a high and effective form of dialogue,” he said.

Yeah, lets dispense with two thousand years of theological scholarship and rid ourselves of this concentration of “theological discussions”…   lets just set the Magisterium of the Roman Church on fire, shall we?

Also, yesterday LifeSite News published the remarks in an interview with Bishop Schneider;  “The Catholic Church has already infallibly responded to the “errors of Martin Luther,” Bishop Athanasius Schneider said of Pope Francis celebrating the Reformation and praising Luther’s theology.   “We have already had an infallible response to the errors of Martin Luther: the Council of Trent,” the bishop from Kazakhstan said. “The teaching of the Council of Trent about the errors of Luther, I repeat, are infallible, ex cathedra. And the comments of the pope in the plane are not ex cathedra.”

Bergoglio is a heretic.     God have mercy.       Holy Mary, Mother of God…

Pray for our Church!!!

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