What truly IS Devotion?  How do I devote myself to a regimen of self-improvement as a Catholic gentleman?  Am I devoted?  If not, just exactly WHAT am I devoted to?   Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “what you think about all day is what you become”.  Frightening.   Very frightening indeed.

The egg-yolks of my two eggs this morning dripped and merged onto one piece of toast…    it was still egg-yolk.  God holds the elements and substance of this earth together in wonderful uniformity and diversity.  Anise seeds taste delightful – from tiny seed to tiny seed.  God is God.

The amazing healing of my nasty cut on my thumb from my Mandolin-Slicer –  self-inflicted on Saturday as I was famished and too-hurriedly slicing prosciutto and then the Parmigiano cheese and then the tip of my thumb!  Our bodies heal themselves –  truly amazing!

Why did the wrecking crew of the Sacred Liturgy back in the 70’s do away with the sumptuous word “Sabaoth” when they attacked the Sanctus?  Perhaps like the word “consubstantial” in the Credo – we’re all now too stupid to learn and handle these crucial words.  Those bastards!

Is snow white because it is void of color?  Or is it white?

Why do I feel such a heart-tug to tears when I hear little children praying and/or singing prominently at Holy Mass.  No guile.  No intellectual impediments.  No epistemological knots or quandaries.  Just simple and pure faith.  Makes me want to cry for simplicity and humility and mostly for love of God.

I’m willing to bet that God isn’t nearly as impressed with me as I am.

By Allan Gillis

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