The Popes against Islam

by Augustinus

The Popes against Islam

Up until 30 years ago, the Popes have been the most consistent, most implacable and most effective enemies of Islam in history. The ancient Zoroastrian Persian emperors who had ruled most of the world until the advent of Islam folded under the onslaught of Islamic armies. The Byzantine emperors fought valiantly but failed. The Emperors of the western Holy Roman Empire, particularly the Hapsburg emperors, were consistently anti-Islam and led several successful struggles against Islamic armies—but they too were too often distracted with rivalries with other European powers to play a central role in the defeat of Islamic aggression against Europe. The Mongols battered Islam but they were weak ideologically and spiritually and so were ultimately either converted to Islam and just faded away into the mists of history. The Confucian Emperors of China were consistently anti-Islam but they were less threatened by Islamic armies than the rest of the world so they never had to confront Islam ideologically as did the rest of the world. The Hindu and Buddhist emperors in India have for centuries fought Islam but were too divided to prevent conquest and forced conversions of population in the North of India.

The only enemies Islam has never defeated are the Popes…at least until now.

Papal enmity against Islam began with the birth of Islam. They right at the beginning branded Islam a heresy and that has been the church’s position ever since. Gregory III (731-741) convinced Charles Martel to fight against invading Muslims at Tours (732). Without that victory Islam may have conquered France. Leo IV (847-855) himself fought at the battle of Ostia, saving Italy from Islam. Alexander II (1061-1073) funded the beginning of the reconquest of Spain. Urban II called for the crusade for the Holy Land at Clermont in 1095. Two hundred years of crusades would follow with many conquests by the West in the Holy Land but ultimate defeat due to internal divisions among European powers. There followed, from the 1300s to the 1800s, 500 years of repeated assaults of Islamic armies against Christendom. The climax of Islamic destruction of Christianity came with the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The Popes had worked feverishly to awaken Europe to come to the defense of the Byzantines –all to no avail. Nevertheless, the Popes began again to chalk up victories against Islam. Pius V (1566-1577) organized the resistance at the great naval battle of Lepanto and Innocent XI both funded and organized resistance at the great siege of Vienna (1683) and Innocent XIII did the same for the battle of Malta (1726-24). These 3 battles, Lepanto, Vienna and Malta literally saved Europe from becoming Muslim as the Ottomans finally began to decline militarily and ideologically.

The post Vatican II Popes have attempted to emphasize the good things about Islam (they venerate Mary for example) and to cultivate cordial relations with Islam. I think this is a terrible mistake. We all need to awaken to the mortal threat to Christianity that is Islam

3 thoughts on “The Popes against Islam

  1. Mike Pasamano

    That’s because the Vatican 2 Antipopes were never Popes and neither were the 6 Antipopes before them who helped set things up for Vatican 2. Sede vacante MDCCCXLVI!

  2. Allan Gillis

    Mr. Pasamano…if I were a sedevacantist, I may argue that until at least 1958 we were ok… but way back to 1846? c’mon brother!? That’s a tough argument to make!

    1. Michael Clifford

      Allan, the word “sedevacantist” is just a Satanic smokescreen label invented by the Vatican 2 sect to use against the Remnant Christians to character assassinate us as schismatics and heretics when your the ones outside the Church for being part of a non-Catholic sect hiding behind Catholic costumes in what used to be Catholic Churches which your Illuminati Masonic sect stole from us. If you think the Vatican 2 apostasy just suddenly happened out of nowhere, you’re either a fool or a liar or both.

      Antipope “Pius IX” proved he never had the Papal prerogative when he denied that One Fold and One Shepherd already exists in his first “Encyclical” (Qui Pluribus, #35, November 9th 1846) which was filled with points of Faith and morals in which he attempted to address the Catholic Church. He attempted to approve the “choosing” of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception as patroness of the Jewish-Satanic Illuminist Masonic Republic of the United States of North America – a title which she undoubtedly refused – on February 7th 1847. He publicly endorsed the Confederate States on North America. He sent the Papal Stone to the Masonic-built Washington Monument on March 5th 1854 which no Pope could’ve ever done – or even attempted to do – because the United States has no right to exist because it was founded by schismatics, heretics, and apostates via mass genocide – not war – and it’s a Dogma that schismatics, heretics, and apostates have absolutely no authority in the Church or the State (Pope Paul IV, ex Cathedra, Bull on the Eligibility of Christians to Ecclesiastical or Public Office, Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, February 15th 1559; Pope Saint Pius V, Bull on the Eligibility of Christians to Ecclesiastical or Public Office, Inter Multiplices, December 21st 1566; Bull on Elizabeth I the Pretended “Queen” of England, Regnans in Excelsis, February 25th 1570) and a pope has an unfailing Faith (Lucas 22:32). He ambiguously introduced the “invincible ignorance” heresy (Singulari Quadem, December 9th 1854; Quanto Conficiamur Moerore, #7, August 10th 1863). He called Cerularians and Protestants “Christians who are separated from Us” while at the same time admitting they don’t profess the One True Faith – or belong to the One True Church – of Jesus Christ (Iam Vos Omnes, September 13th 1968). All true Christians know there’s no such thing as “Christian separated from Us”. The Doctors of the Church unanimously teach that there’s no such thing as a “non-Catholic Christian” just as there’s no such thing as a “non-Traditional Catholic”! He taught the collegialist “different levels of Magisterium” heresy (Vatican 1, Dei Filius, Chapter 3, #8, April 24th 1870) repeated by Antipope “Paul VI” at Vatican 2 (Lumen Gentium, #22, November 21st 1964).

      Antipope “Leo XIII” advocated the separation of Church and State (Arcanum, #36, February 10th 1880). He called God the Parent of all (Auspicato Concessum, #13, September 17th 1882; “Prayer” to our Lady of Africa for the Conversion of Mosselmans and other Infidels, June 30th 1896). He denied the Spotlessness of the Bride (“Prayer” to Archangel Saint Michael, 1884). He did nothing to stop the circulation to stop the circulation of the Baltimore Cateschism which teaches the “Three Baptisms”, “invincible ignorance”, and “universal salvation” heresies (Baltimore Cateschism, Q&A 631,644,653-654, September 1885). He taught the “Co-Redemptrix” heresy (Iucunda Semper Expectatione, #2, September 8th 1894). He praised the Masonic Republic of the United States of North America, George Washington, and the “Constitution” (Longinqua, #1,4,6, January 6th 1895). He taught the “universal Redemption” heresy (Rerum Novarum, #25, May 15th 1891). He taught the “separated brethren” heresy (“Prayer” for Reunion, February 1st 1896). He attempted to declare the Anglican “Ordinal” null and void based on their rituals instead of their schism and heresy: both of which are really the primary cause of nullity and void of their “Mass” and their “Ordinal”. In conjunction with his heresies, he disclaimed his own “Papacy” (Satis Cognitum, #9,13,15, June 29th 1896). He was lauded by Freemasons after his death.

      Antipope “Pius X” taught the “invincible ignorance” and “Three Baptisms” heresies in his Cateschism (“Catechism” of Antipope “Pius X”, The Apostles’ Creed, Article 9: The Church, Question 29; The Sacraments, Article 2: Baptism, Question 17, 1908). He kept Pietro Gasparri around after he discovered him to be Freemason in 1908. He called God the Parent of all (Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15th 1910). He approved the cateschism in his epistle to Pietro Respighi (October 18th 1912). Even if the cateschism nor the epistle approving it weren’t even written by him, he’s still just as guilty because he did absolutely nothing to stop the circulation of the cateschism.

      Antipope “Benedict XV”‘s first act was to dismantle Sodalitium Pianum because they were having so much success discovering and eliminating Masonic infiltrators. He taught that the Flock is composed of the entire human race (Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum, #1, November 1st 1914). He taught the “Co-Redemptess” heresy (Inter Sodalicia, March 22nd 1918). He implied that the nations that have fallen away from the Holy Mother Church are still Christian (Spiritus Paraclitus, #68, September 15th 1920). He convicted himself for malice (“Code of Canon Law”, #2200, May 27th 1917).

      Antipope “Pius XI” approved the Masonic “ecumenism” heresy in 1924. He instituted the “Malines Conversations” seeking “rapprochement” with the Anglican Protestant apostates in 1925. He condemned and started working to repress the Catholic monarchist counter-revolutionary anti-democratic integralist Action Francaise Newspaper in 1926. He attempted to place their newspaper on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum and got them barred from receiving the Sacraments of Communion, Penance, and Extreme Unction in 1927. He had Pietro Gasparri have Raymond Nicolas Landry Poincaré choose Pierre-Paulin Andrieu to carry out the repressive operation against Action Francaise. He ambiguously implied that those who are separated from the Church are Christians (Mortalium Animos, #10, January 6th 1928). He signed the Lateran Treaty with Benito Mussolini and called him “the man sent by providence” in 1929. The Antibishops under the Antipopes are thenceforth required to swear obedience and allegiance to the Italian state. A Bishop swears allegiance and obedience to the Roman Pontiff – when there was a Roman Pontiff – and the Church – and God – alone. He promoted eugenics (Casti Connubii, #66, December 31st 1930).

      Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli was close friends with known Freemason Mariano Rampolla before he became Antipope “Pius XII”. He never spoke a word against communism. He was instrumental in repopulating Palestine with Jews. He informed Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (who would eventually become Antipope “John XXIII”) in Istanbul to work as a halfway point for the migrating Jews and give them falsified “baptism certificates” to perhaps make the migration to Palestine trouble-free. He falsified “baptism certificates” for Jews entering the United States. He taught the “individualist”, “unconscious desire”, and “Co-Redemptress” heresies (Mystici Corpus Christi, #87, 103,100, June 29th 1943). He brought He approved “evolution” to be taught and examined in schools as if there could possibly be a such thing as “theistic evolution” (Humani Generis, #36, August 12th 1950).

      There goes your false claim that Sede vacante MDCCCXLVI “is a tough argument to make”!


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