Charlottesville August 2017

By Augustinus

We all know by now that groups of the alt right along with leftist neo-Nazis and assorted white identitarian groups attempted to march in Charlottesville to support retaining statues honoring soldiers of the confederacy. They were met with fanatical “anti-fa” marchers who were protesting and challenging the right of the marchers to be there at all. The leftist anti-fa position is that the alt right marchers are “hate groups” and therefore should have no right at all to march or express their opinions. “Hate speech” should result in jail time for these people. tragically, these anti-fa protesters began to bash in the windows of a car whose driver apparently panicked and rammed into some marchers–several of whom were seriously injured and one of whom died. the press claimed that this was deliberate killing and called it domestic terrorism.

But the fundamental premise of the anti-fa marchers is totalitarian. Once you start to claim that some speech should be banned you go down the slippery slope of totalitarian thought police. Who defines what is hate speech? You? The mob? The government? A group of “experts”?

free speech is fundamental to free men and a free polity. Without it we are no better than slaves.

One thought on “Charlottesville August 2017

  1. Allan Gillis

    I must declare… Augustinus is correct here. I have watched a few hours of the videos of the Charlottesville march in public domain…it is absolutely clear to me that these animals on the far left were quite ready and prepared to start trouble! I am NOT a Nazi. I am Roman Catholic and I DO believe that much of what many of these people who went there to protest; the removal of the statue – believe in free speech and free thought. The Left is ascendant and is emboldened these days to shut down divergent beliefs and speech and to resist such a force is CORRECT on our part. Correct… if we truly hold the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution to be valid and en force today as it was at our nation’s founding. You were brave to post this brother. I stand with you.


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