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Need for militant resistance

By Augustinus

In any conflict reasoned discourse is the best route forward but when one side takes up arms your side needs to do so as well. Why is it OK for for there to be a muslim brotherhood but not a Christian brotherhood? Why is it ok for there to be a jewish defense league but not a catholic defense league? Why is it ok for there to be “democratic karen Buddhist Army” in southeast Asia (heirs to the fanatical Budhhist monks who inflicted horrific violence against the Catholic regime in the early 60s in Viet Nam) but not a catholic army in the USA? Why is Hindu militancy OK but catholic militancy not ok?

I have looked around for militant catholic organizations or brotherhoods but there are none. The Knights of Columbus are too busy conducting pancake breakfasts. The “This man is YOU” trainings that has captured the attention of catholic male laity is too busy trying to be holy to notice that the church is sinking and is under attack. The ancient military orders of the catholic church have all become mere charities -some of them assisting the very enemies out to destroy the church.¬† The so-called “Church Militant” media group in the midewest USA at least has the honor of being labeled a hate group by the totalitarians at Southern Poverty law Center but they are merely an informational and agitprop group-not a disciplined brotherhood organizing active and militant resistance.

its no use looking to the bishops for guidance on militancy. The old Irish bishops that once ruled whole cities with an iron dictatorial hand in the USA have all died away and their congregations with them. The present crop of bishops with one or two exceptions (perhaps Chaput) are all effeminate servile sops.

Can we look to the popes? In some ages we cannot. Recall the period of the Avignon captivity which ended with three popes all excommunicating one another? At that point the laity could not look to the popes for guidance so the military orders organized themselves and protected Europe against the muslim turks without papal help during that period. The monarchs were too concerned with  battling one another to worry about christendom itself. Indeed some of them actively connived with the ottoman turks in hopes of gaining advantage in their internecine struggles.

The church is always in crisis and christendom is always divided. In past ages we have always had local organized militant brotherhoods that protected the inheritance. Today I can find no such brotherhoods.