Matthew Schmitz surrenders

By Augustinus

Jesse Russell over at 1Peter5 has a great response to Catholic neoconservative Matthew Schmitz who attempted to polemicize against alt right critiques of liberal Christians as suicidal effeminates. In a bizzare post at First Things Schmitz actually argues that a cuckolded soldier in a novel by Evelyn Waugh who apparently (I have not read the novel) serves as a Christ like figure…is a good model for the Church. While it is true that the individual who undergoes defeat in everything he attempts can be a better model of Christ than the victorius solider or winner ….that certainly does not mean that Christendom itself should welcome its own destruction at the hands of modernism and Islam! As Pius X said kindness when the Church is under attack is for fools (and not the fool for Christ version!) and Schmitz I am saddened to say has, like a fool, drunk the modernist kool aid…

Christianity Is for Champions: A Response to Matthew Schmitz

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