Monthly Archives: April 2018

Communing with history

By Augustinus

This past week I took my ten year old daughter (who has an insatiable love of all things historical) to the national Archives in DC, Mount Vernon, Monticello, the Civil War Museum and Confederate White House in Richmond VA and the Valentine House down the street from the confederate White House. At the national archives we studied the actual original Declaration of Independence, the emancipation proclamation, the Bill of Rights and the magna carta. My daughter would ask questions like “Did King john actually touch that seal of office attached to the document?  Did Thomas Jefferson actually write every line on this document? Who was John Carroll?….” She LOVES history just like her Dad! At Mount Vernon we actually ran into Vice President Mike Pence who happened to be having a meeting there that day! We have pics of him just 3 feet away from us! I told her that I admire Pence but she had heard negative things about him from liberal feminist fanatics (her teachers) who object to his rule of never meeting with a unfamiliar women alone. Most of the sane world actually admires Pence for his very wise rule–especially given the moral panic let loose on the world after the Weinstein scandal. When my daughter and I toured Monticello and entered a room with a small bed in an alcove the guide told us that that is the actual bed that Jefferson died in. My daughter’s eyes filled with excitement and tears. Jefferson died just hours apart from his friend John Adams both of whom were original signers of the declaration. They were also (2nd and third) presidents of the country they gave birth to. They each died 50 years to the day after they composed and signed that declaration of independence. My daughter said that I was just like Jefferson in that I “could not live without books”! In Richmond the civil war museum contained the still blood stained flags of the rebel regiments that fought in all those famous battles. We say the tent and cot and  that Robert E Lee slept in for most of the war as well as his simple military and travel kit. My favorite was examining the military kit and the sword and the saddle of J.E.B Stuart one of my heroes! My daughter was amazed at the Jefferson Davis office in the White House. She asked excitedly “Is this where he would meet with Robert E lee and Stonewall Jackson and JEB Stuart and all the rest? They sat right there around that table right??” and I and the tour guide answered yes and we could all almost see the great men sitting around the table …each with a pipe and a whiskey, somber faces looking for a way to defeat the relentless 100,000 strong mechanized armies from the north bent on destruction….I told my daughter afterwards that both the civil war museum and the confederate white house will soon be shut down by the fanatical social justice warriors who are unable to entertain views and world views different from their own. That is why THEY will never appreciate history like my daughter does.