An Answer to an Attack – Wherein I employ a bit of Jiu-Jitsu


By Allan Gillis  

In an effort to more publicly and clearly state my position as a counter-blow to what I view as a personal attack on me, I wrote to Mr. Shields  –  and now bring it to the front page as he did, rather than comment ( in the less-prominent “comment-section” ) but as you see he brought his attack to the front page of our blog. I wrote thusly;

Trite and hardly-useful phrases and names like “anti-Semitic” and “hate speech” are for those who dare NOT THINK. Failing to speak the truth without first checking in on what seems politically-correct or incorrect is a refuge for lemmings.  I am a man, not a lemming.  I see “nationalism” or identifying with one’s race as a healthy thing…unless of course one is white. We whites are NOT ALLOWED to even consider pondering our heritage, our contributions to humanity or our own interests as a people. The elites of the modern world dictate to Europeans and white Americans a behavior that is clearly suicidal. If I am one who revels in my European heritage IT DOES NOT NATURALLY IMPLY THAT I AM “ANTI-ANYONE”!!! Too many people that espouse a heightened awareness and appreciation of ethnic-European culture are shouted down “Stalinist-style” by the likes of you Mr. Shields. Like it or not; Europe was the place where Christianity was cradled and nurtured in readiness to bring the Gospel to the entire world!  I’m proud of that heritage as a Roman Catholic! I’m also sick of panty-waist reactions to my joy as a European-American whereby I am compelled to continually apologize for my patrimony! I make NO such apology sir… and again I declare that my name is attached to every post I put up… I hide behind NO ANONYMITY. I DO NOT post simply to poke the beast…I post in an effort to help “mainstream” my way of seeing the world. No apologies sir. Take some time and actually READ some prior Papal bulls and/or moto proprii…those written BEFORE the modernists commandeered the Vatican. You’d probably choke on your “eucharistic snack-cracker” while popping  it into your mouth if you simultaneously really grasped the tenor of His Holiness Pope Benedict XIV’s encyclical “A Quo Primum”!   True Mr. Shields; you and yours are in the ascendancy – as we watch the shameful destruction of all that is truly, culturally, liturgically and theologically “Roman Catholic” across the world. You and yours are doing a fine job sir.  I’d rather be where I am and I am comforted by the writings and thoughts around the Fatima appearances. I wish you well of course.

Pace in Christe,

Allan Gillis

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