It’s not about comfort

The article Alan posted is racist and Anti-Semitic.  It is hate speech cloaked as religious discussion.  It suggests that white nationalism and anti-semitism is somehow an alternative opinion.

It is not.

Racist, anti-semitic rants posing as alternate Catholic thought, like the one Alan published, are hate speech and those who do not condemn it are complicit. This is not about dialog.

I condemn racism and anti-semitism as being abhorrent to me and to the Church in which I belong. I also call out the contributors to this blog to do the same.

I will continue to keep both of you in my prayers, but you folks own this



2 thoughts on “It’s not about comfort

  1. Augustinus Augustinus

    I do not see the post as racist or anti-Semitic. I reject the whole idea of “hate speech” as nothing more than an excuse to exclude views you do not agree with. It is anti-thetical to free thought and contrary to catholic moral theology. The “Hate speech” concept is a fundamentally authoritarian, Stalinist position. If it is OK for the Jewish people to be nationalist and the Black people to be nationalist then it is logically ok for white people to espouse a nationalism as well. One can disagree with the author’s position that “Whites” (whatever that means) need to espouse a nationalist or identitarian ethos but it is not logical to call it hate speech.

    While I respect the SSPX I do not agree with its wholesale rejection of Vatican II. In my view there were good things done at Vatican II (and a lot of destructive things as well). I also do not agree with the author’s negative portrayal of the activities of some Jewish converts to the catholic faith. Many were saintly characters and tireless workers for the faith.

  2. Allan Gillis

    Trite and hardly-useful phrases and names like “anti-Semitic” and “hate speech” are for those who dare NOT THINK. Failing to actually THINK about what is politically-correct or incorrect is a refuge for lemmings. I am a man. I see “nationalism” or identifying with one’s race as a healthy thing…unless of course one is white. We whites are NOT ALLOWED to even consider pondering our heritage, our contributions to humanity or our own interests as a people. The elites of the modern world dictate to Europeans and white Americans a behavior that is clearly suicidal. If I am one who revels in my European heritage IT DOES NOT NATURALLY IMPLY THAT I AM “ANTI-ANYONE”!!! Many people that espouse a heightened awareness of ethnic-European culture are shouted down “Stalinist-style” by the likes of you Mr. Shields. Like it or not; Europe was the place where Christianity was cradled and nurtured in readiness to bring the Gospel to the entire world! I’m proud of that heritage as a Roman Catholic! I’m also sick of panty-waist reactions to my joy as a European-American whereby I am compelled to continually apologize for my patrimony! I make NO such apology sir… and again I declare that my name is attached to every post I put up… I hide behind NO ANONYMITY. I DO NOT post simply to poke the beast…I post in an effort to “mainstream” my way of seeing the world. No apologies sir. Take some time and actually READ some prior Papal bulls and/or moto proprii…those written BEFORE the modernists commandeered the Vatican. True Mr. Shields; you and yours are in the ascendancy – as we watch the shameful destruction of all that is truly, culturally and theologically “Roman Catholic” across the world. You and yours are doing a fine job sir. I’d rather be where I am and I am comforted by the writings and thoughts around the Fatima appearances. I wish you well of course.


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