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My Heart is Knocked Askew

So, I talk to several priest-friends and beloved laymen…   guys I go to Mass with regularly.     It’s all kind of  surrealistic.   We’re strangely of one mind.    Wuerl must go and Bergoglio must go…and even O’Malley here in Bostoniensis must either tell all …or take a hike.   Many of those I respect in Catholic media are calling for the resignation of Bergoglio.  That in itself seems too good to be true…    but, is it?   What a horrible thing!  Scumbags like Wuerl and McCarrick should be burned at the stake…or at least purged in this temporal world to perhaps save them in the next…   (?)      so much for Medieval Roman Catholicism!  I’m in LOVE with the paradigm!   But the frickin’ pope?!

I can’t stomach the guy for what he presents theologically, liturgically and even his politically-leftist/modernist slant.  I dread him.  I am sure Jesus Christ himself winces every time someone evokes Bergoglio’s title of “His Holiness”.  I am sure of it.

I am convinced that Bergoglio knows all about Vatileaks, the scandals with the Vatican Bank, the scandals with the several Vatican officials around the cocaine-infused gay orgies IN THE VATICAN, the ordeal with the butler,  the unlawful conspiracies prior to the conclave to elect a Modernist like Bergoglio, the crimes of U.S. cardinals like McCarrick and Wuerl and others…     rotten, stinking stuff…   the kind of stuff to make some hearts wane…     maybe a heart like that of  Benedict XVI…   Did he fail us?  did he “chicken out”?  I don’t know.

I DO know that my task…my job;  is to pray – pray and fast for Holy Mother Church.

I urge YOU dear reader to join me.  These are times like never before.  This is real.  Profoundly grave times are what we are living in – right now.  Don’t doubt me!

I’m NOT hateful…I have a sense of righteous indignation…for what these Modernist, traitorous, unbelieving, lying bastards have done to His Holy Church!

Think for a moment what a millstone tied around your neck – might feel like as you’re being heaved into the deep seas…

PRAY for these jackals!  That God might have mercy…

and let’s pray that this signals a restoration by Our Lord in Heaven of His Holy Church!

by Allan Gillis

Finally! Some With Credibility Say It!

Rorate Caeli finally says what I’ve been hoping to hear from some credible Catholic media folks!  Praise God Almighty!

A RORATE Editorial: Francis Must Go

In the two years that led to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI from the papacy, many strange things happened: leaks, a Secretary of State (Cardinal Bertone) who seemed intent on making things difficult for the pope, and a crisis that seemingly had left his control. Only seemingly: what was actually happening was that the large group of Cardinals involved in what would become known as the “St-Gallen Mafia” were plotting to force Pope Ratzinger’s departure in a see of problems, forcing the election of the “anti-Ratzinger” — indeed, the anti-Ratzinger they had promoted in the previous conclave, Cardinal Bergoglio of Buenos Aires.
It all went exactly as planned. Benedict XVI became, or was, convinced that he would not be able to fix things and left. And Bergoglio, the Horror, was elected. The Horror was how we characterized the Pontificate that was about to begin, on the very day of Bergoglio’s election.
And how we were criticized and vilified for it! In fact, if you go back and read that post by a dear Argentinian friend, that followed on the footsteps of our intense coverage of the Church in Argentina since our founding, you will see that the current Pope is not accused of heresy. Never once! He is not accused of apostasy. We were wrongly charged with all evils, when in fact our concern, that proved absolutely true, regarding this Pope was his mix of the worst moral companions and his utter doctrinal confusion.
Alas, his friends, the same who got him elected, got the best of him. From the very beginning, as the damning written testimony by Archbishop Viganò (at the time, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States) makes clear, Francis used all means, including malice and deception, to help his friends, such as then-Cardinal McCarrick, and also Cardinal Danneels. And he used all means to punish those he saw as his enemies, such as Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Léonard of Brussels, and so many others.
And he destroyed countless lives and vocations. Remember the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate? Your kids won’t. They won’t even know that a young, thriving, traditional order of Franciscans once existed, thanks to this failed pontificate.
Evil in his persecution of anyone with whom he disagreed; evil in his purposeful implementation of confusion in doctrine; evil in his refusal to clarify the confusion he himself had generated — Francis has, with his authoritarian evil, heightened the tensions within the Church to levels not reached since the Protestant Revolt or the French Revolution.
But this time the revolutionary malice comes from within the Church, from a theologically stunted and morally bankrupt, evil-pursuing tyrant.
Francis must go.
An unbearable stench fills the edifice of the Catholic Church. It emanates from the Throne of Peter, where a corpse decays before the whole universe. The powers of the world still parade before the cadaver, offering it secular homages, but the Catholic faithful recoil in horror before the nauseating pagan spectacle.
Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is dead. He is not actually deceased, but his moral presence is gone. His moral corpse is the revolting cadaver sitting upon the Cathedra of the Prince of the Apostles. And his only real supporters — the liberals, the heretics, the apostates — are already scheming to figure out how to replace him when the inevitable occurs.
He has deceived, he has persecuted the truly faithful, he has confused the little ones in their faith, he has mocked Tradition whenever he could. Above all, he has lied, and he has been shown to lie, and he has been presented as a consummate liar in the protection of a racket of perverted and abusive priests who are his closest aides.
All that is left for him is to remove his corrupt moral body weighing on Holy Mother Church and go away. Abdication is the only possible solution to five years of growing disgrace and purposeful mismanagement.
The horror we identified on the very first day has come to full fruition, as a pustulous infructescence of corruption: Sodom in Rome.


AMEN!!! says Allan Gillis

The latest sex abuse scandal in the church

by Augustinus

We weary faithful are getting it from all sides: unmistakable signs of corruption at the heart of  Catholic Church–its priests, bishops and cardinals. Although instances of criminal sexual abuse by priests have dropped since the first major sex abuse scandal around 2002; its still too high. An revelations that someone like McCarrick, a cardinal! could have risen so high in the Church hierarchy despite repeated molestations down through the years is mind-boggling. The disgust, contempt and outrage you hear from all sides is warranted. Mere words is not enough. Empty platitudes of “sorrow” and “shame” are not enough.

Calls however for things like getting rid of celibacy or allowing woman priests are silly. Calls for mass resignations of the bishops are also silly. We need to resist the mob mentality when it comes to these moral panics. Yes there was criminal cover up and yes those found guilty of crimes or of cover-up of those crimes should go to jail. But what is really going to solve this problem?

The laity or the public or Attorneys Generals or politicians or psychological experts cannot fix this problem. Only the Vatican can or the Church in council.  The first step is to recognize that it was and is largely a problem of homosexuality infesting the priesthood all over the world. The reasons why homosexuals flock to the priesthood is not merely because it gives them cover or an explanation for unmarried status; it is also because homosexuals have down through history tended toward greater levels of religiosity. In any case, like any other group homosexuals tended to form cliques within the church and acting as a group tried to further their own perceived interests. Obviously the interests of the Church and those of homosexuals usually do not coincide and therefore there must be huge cognitive dissonance among homosexual clergy. I believe however that some homosexual priests can and do live upright celibate lives. They do not choose their sexual orientation but I think it is getting harder for them to believe it is an orientation that is intrinsically disordered–thus the greater license to pursue their “interests”. For a subgroup pf these individuals those interests are criminal. they need to be defrocked and sent to jail. But even for the non-criminal among them those interests can and do extend to changing church doctrine in heretical directions. Thus the homosexual issue in the church needs to be confronted head-on by the Vatican and by theologians and everyone in the church. It can no longer be ignored.

I’m Shocked! Shocked to Find Perversions Going On In Here!

The Boston Pilot reported yesterday:

“who am I to judge?”


Cardinal O’Malley Initiates Inquiry at St. John’s Seminary

Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley has announced Aug. 10 that he has ordered an investigation into allegations made by two former seminarians of inappropriate conduct at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton. St. John’s rector Msgr. James P. Moroney has been placed on “sabbatical leave” effective immediately, and Father Stephen E. Salocks has been named interim rector.

“Earlier this week I was informed that two former seminarians of St. John’s Seminary in the Archdiocese of Boston had posted allegations on social media sites including the Archdiocese’s Facebook page that during their time at the seminary they witnessed and experienced activities which are directly contrary to the moral standards and requirements of formation for the Catholic priesthood,” the cardinal said in his statement.

“As Archbishop of Boston, with responsibility for the integrity of the seminary and its compliance with the Church’s Program for Priestly Formation, I am committed to immediate action to address these serious matters,” the cardinal said.

Msgr. Moroney was placed on leave “in order that there can be a fully independent inquiry regarding these matters,” he added.

According to the statement, the inquiry will be led by the Auxiliary Bishop Mark O’Connell, Assumption College president and president of the USCCB National Review Board Dr. Francesco Cesareo and Kimberly Jones, CEO of Athena Legal Strategies Group. They will be assisted by archdiocesan attorney Mark Dunderdale, director of the Archdiocesan Office of Professional Standards and Oversight.

The group will be tasked with investigating the specific allegations that have been received as well as “the culture of the seminary regarding the personal standards expected and required of candidates for the priesthood, and any seminary issues of sexual harassment or other forms of intimidation or discrimination,” the cardinal said.

“I have directed this group to proceed with due seriousness of their assignment and as soon as possible to submit to me the findings of the inquiry and a set of recommendations to assure appropriate standards of professional behavior in compliance with Church teaching at all levels of seminary life,” Cardinal O’Malley said.

He added that, “The faculty, staff and students at the seminary will be advised of my expectation that they will fully cooperate with the inquiry.”

While the statement does not specify source or nature of the allegations, an archdiocesan spokesman confirmed that a source of the allegations was an opinion piece published Aug. 2 on the Catholic website

In the piece, former seminarian John A. Monaco describes a culture of alcohol abuse and inappropriate sexual behavior, some involving faculty with seminarians, at an unnamed minor seminary, which he left, and later at a “major seminary” where he was enrolled after he decided to continue studying for the priesthood.

A similar opinion piece credited to Monaco published Aug. 9 on the website identifies the minor seminary as St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Overbrook, Pennsylvania and the major seminary as St. John’s, which Monaco attended from 2014-2016.

The archdiocese also confirmed that the “major seminary” referred to in the article is St. John’s Seminary.

In the OnePeterFive piece, Monaco said he decided to speak out after hearing about the allegations of abuse of seminarians made against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick.

Another allegation came in an Aug. 7 comment by a person named Andrew Solkshinitz on the archdiocese’s Facebook page, which was linked to Monaco’s article.

“I can confirm that this is true and in fact there are so many similar stories about this place. As a former Boston seminarian for 3 years I am calling upon the church to seriously examine the seminary located on Lake street. The church has not learned her lesson and maybe if the stories are once again made public then things will finally change,” Solkshinitz wrote.

On his personal Facebook page, Solkshinitz wrote that he was propositioned by a fellow student during his time at St. John’s. He said when he brought the matter to the attention of the archdiocese’s vocation’s director and vice rector and his concerns were dismissed.

Cardinal O’Malley called the allegations, “a source of serious concern to me as Archbishop of Boston.”

“The ministry of the Catholic priesthood requires a foundation of trust with the people of the Church and the wider community in which our priests serve. I am determined that all our seminaries meet that standard of trust and provide the formation necessary for priests to live a demanding vocation of service in our contemporary society,” the cardinal said.


Msgr. James P. Moroney: “How can you close me up? On what grounds?”
Cardinal O’Malley: “I’m shocked! Shocked to find that homosexual perversions are going on in here!”
YEAH SURE!!! I question the timing of this “addressing of these serious matters”!
…as hundreds, maybe thousands of faithful Catholics are finally putting their foot down and demanding that their bishops start acting like men of God!!!
..just quit the antics Sean. Resign. You knew about McCarrick and you and everyone with a brain knows about the shenanigans that have gone on at St. John’s Seminary FOR DECADES! The archdiocese needs a man of faith as it’s shepherd – not just an able paper-shuffling administrator.

Oh!    ..and did you notice dear reader; the third leg on the stool of “leadership of the inquiry”?

Kimberly Y Jones!  yes!  the Deval Patrick-appointed “hack” who’s tendrils have grown deep into the tangle of state-funded non-profit organizations where the policy-wonk, “make-work” directors, executive directors and board members get six-figure incomes just for essentially patting one another on the back and bundling donations for Democrat politicians.   This “servant of the community” founded her own law firm.   Quite an achievement.  She’s done quite well.  I wonder what the Archdiocese is paying her to cover Sean’s ass legally?  The fact that a well-connected, liberal, public-sector employment law attorney is so central to a Catholic inquiry by a Catholic bishop into whether or not Catholic moral/behavioral standards are being maintained at a Catholic seminary where men are to be trained as devout Catholic priests…    frightens me.

by Allan Gillis