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14 Sept: 11th Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum – Thank you, Benedict XVI!

Spars are carried away and sails shred.  Lines lash in the winds and crack like whips in the tempest. It’s nevertheless all hands on deck as the Barque of Peter takes on water and flies before the storm.

As The Present Crisis continues to build and to build and to build, I am mindful that today, 14 September, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, is the 11th anniversary of the moment that that great charter for ecclesial reform, Summorum Pontificum, went into force.

As I have written before, I write now again to Benedict:

Your Holiness, thank you for Summorum Pontificum.

Since the late 80’s I had the pleasure of speaking with you about these matters, and I think I know your mind on them and motives.

You gave us a great and timely gift.

Today, on this 11th anniversary of the implementation of your Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, I offer my Holy Mass for your intention.

I will try to carry forward your vision and hopes.

Ad multos annos.

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