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The “Woosi-fication” of our Catholic Faith by Vatican II

By Allan Gillis

I found this basic schedule of pre-V2 liturgical discipline this morning as a blog discussion on Rorate Caeli spoke of the First Friday/Feast of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ presenting a dilemma posed when one is “twixt & between” the two calendars – the Novus Ordo and the 1962 liturgical calendar – mind you; the latter has NOT been suppressed.  This was when Catholic men were men.  Our Roman Catholic faith meant more because it called upon us to sacrifice more and deny ourselves – mortifying the flesh, thereby quietly – without “charismatic”, ostentatious display – cultivating a sanctified life “in the spirit”. The REAL Holy Spirit.

With all this talk today among the Nouveau-Catholics about life “in the spirit”, I am convinced that the fervor is often an acquired affectation. I used to be one of those “chandelier-swinging”, guitar and tambourine-banging, “slayed-in-the-spirit” born-again firebrands.  I know the type well. Back in the sixties and seventies, we traded real religion (with its concomitant reverence and sacrifice) for drama and feel-good emotional highs. Presented below is a reminder of how real Catholics lived within the spiritual regimen of Christian discipline and devotion – a way of life that surrounded the globe and expanded our faith for nearly two thousand years – creating REAL saints and furthering the Kingship of Jesus Christ.

The Discipline of 1962  

Laws of Days of Abstinence

Applies on one’s 7th birthday.

Complete Abstinence: all Fridays of the year, Ash Wednesday, Holy Saturday, and the Vigil of Christmas.

Partial Abstinence (meat and soup or gravy from meat permitted once a day at the principal meal): all the days of Lent, the Ember Days of Wednesday and Saturday, and the Vigils of Pentecost and the Assumption.

Abstinence from meat is dispensed on Holy Days of Obligation.

Laws of Fast

Applies for those aged 21 to 59, inclusive. [N.B. post-’62 law lowers this to 18.]

Days of Lent from Ash Wednesday inclusive, Ember Days, and Vigils of Christmas, Pentecost, and the Assumption.

One full meal permitted and two other meals may be taken which, when combined, are less than a full meal.

The Law of the Eucharistic Fast
The complete fast from all food and drink (except water or medicine) for three hours before the reception of Holy Communion. Those who are able to maintain the midnight fast, which was the previous discipline, are still encouraged to do so.

This was when Roman Pontiffs had a REAL “loving response”!    Giuseppe Sarto.    Now there was a real man!

Pope Saint Pius X – PRAY FOR US!

I’m Delighted! – Sounds To Me Like the SSPX is Remaining Focused!

IMPORTANT: SSPX Communiqué after meeting of all Superiors (on Canonical recognition)

From Rorate Caeli:

At the conclusion of the meeting of the major superiors of the Society of Saint Pius X that was held in Switzerland, from June 25 to 28, 2016, the Superior General addressed the following communiqué:

The purpose of the Society of Saint Pius X is chiefly the formation of priests, the essential condition for the renewal of the Church and for the restoration of society.

In the great and painful confusion that currently reigns in the Church, the proclamation of Catholic doctrine requires the denunciation of errors that have made their way into it and are unfortunately encouraged by a large number of pastors, including the Pope himself.

The Society of Saint Pius X, in the present state of grave necessity which gives it the right and duty to administer spiritual aid to the souls that turn to it, does not seek primarily a canonical recognition, to which it has a right as a Catholic work. It has only one desire: faithfully to bring the light of the bi-millennial Tradition which shows the only route to follow in this age of darkness in which the cult of man replaces the worship of God, in society as in the Church.

The “restoration of all things in Christ” intended by Saint Pius X, following Saint Paul (cf. Ep.h 1:10), cannot happen without the support of a Pope who concretely favors the return to Sacred Tradition. While waiting for that blessed day, the Society of Saint Pius X intends to redouble its efforts to establish and to spread, with the means that Divine Providence gives to it, the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Society of Saint Pius X prays and does penance for the Pope, that he might have the strength to proclaim Catholic faith and morals in their entirety. In this way he will hasten the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary that we earnestly desire as we approach the centennial of the apparitions in Fatima.

Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X

Ecône, June 29, 2016

The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

gladius sotto luna


Brought to you by Allan Gillis

The Most Reverential Novus Ordo Mass!

By Allan Gillis

Latin Mass

A local parish recently was blessed to have garnered the residency of a priest friend of mine who says the Extrordinary Form Mass in Latin on Sundays where I sing Gregorian Chant regularly in downtown Boston. Father Fagiol (as we’ll call him) is one of those priests that just radiate the very essence of “priesthood”. Don’t get me wrong… he’s never stuffy or overly-pious or lacking in good humor – just a decent, well-spoken and knowledgeable man who personifies exactly what a priest should be. He has enough Old-World charm that he could have served with ease and grace as a European royal courtier anywhere on the continent (he is fluent in three languages besides his Latin!). He possesses a delightful joie-de-vivre while always remaining a holy priest – ever-mindful of his office, while never “lording it over” anyone. He’s simply a gift to us here – and a gift to me in my spiritual life.
So, he tells me over dinner last week that he’ll be saying the noontime Mass on Fridays and some weekdays and since my office is right here – I figured I’d stop in mid-day today and see him and grab the chance to have him hear my confession – as I plan on being on my boat tomorrow and Saturdays are usually the only time that these Novus Ordo parishes have the “sacrament of reconciliation” available to us (I can’t stand that phrase!!! – why couldn’t it just be left alone as “Confession”??? – the word “reconcile” to me – and I’m no etymologist – connotes that big ol’ meany God is half responsible for my mishap and he and I need to come to some sort of ‘tete-e-tete’ and work things out. How collegial it is now! Gee, I feel better now about this propostion – this “Confession” stuff seems so one-sided! “Reconciliation” makes me ‘feel’ better!  How dare God assume that I’m the one who breached this contract between us!  Like – where’s God’s culpability in all this?)
I digress.
I stepped into Mass today and the wonderful incense was pluming up and filling the apse… the pre-Mass exposition and benediction of the Most Holy Sacrament was reverently and lovingly prayed and responded to. What a joy during a week-day! Then, Mass began. It was strange to see Father Fagiol standing behind the altar Versus Populum. I’m so accustomed to the priest Ad Orientum – especially Father Fagiol! Now here’s an interesting fact; this is one of those old beautiful churches built before the fad started in the fifties and sixties by pot-smoking architects (and approved by bishops!) to tear down Roman Catholic churches and rebuild them to look like anti-septic airport terminals. This one is actually physically situated and was correctly-constructed in the 19th century as the compass dictates – when the people stand to pray they are facing due east. Now, the priest standing facing them (“The Father Steve Show” as I call it – brought to you by Vatican II) is standing “versus populum” (against the people in Latin), he is looking westward as the compass bears – NOT ad orientum – or… to the east – as we’re commanded to. So, Father Fagiol prays this Mass in the Ordinary Form… but to my great delight and astonishment, it was the REAL thing! I mean, I believe that the Novus Ordo is licit and valid and all that… I have just NEVER heard it prayed/celebrated so serenely and reverently. Never.

Fr. F kept the pace – the cadence of the liturgy moving perfectly, praying along solemnly and devoutly while not being ostentatious or halting – but certainly not rushing through the Mass like he had a train to catch right after the liturgy!  I was in awe. I had heard in the past what seemed like patronizing and insecure assertions that “certainly the Novus Ordo can be just as much of a spiritual uplift as the Latin Mass”. I always thought: “Kak”!
I was wrong.     I guess it depends on the priest.

Papal Disdain

From Fr. Z’s site:

Sometimes a photo is worth 5000 thousands words.

You might have heard of this, but, since I have been traveling and using the interwebs less than usual in the last couple weeks, it was news to me.

A member of the Macedonian parliament brought a gift to Pope Francis from the Orthodox convent of St. George of Rajcica: a papal tiara, the triple crown symbol of the Bishop of Rome’s authority over just about everything. Women, nuns, lovingly made it by hand, embroidering it and setting it with pearls from a lake near their convent.

Such a beautiful gift! I am sure the Holy Father beamed with delight. After all, Benedict XVI did when he was presented with a small version of a tiara, even though Pope Francis is the first Pope who – as the press acknowledges – ever smiled.

Sometimes a photo is worth 5000 thousands words.* And, these days, they remain easily accessible.

His Holiness didn’t seem too happy with the tiara, which was lovingly made by women.

Remember when the Pope was in South America and he received the “crucifix” in the style of a global symbol of the violation of human rights?

Okay… a photo out of context doesn’t tell the whole story.

*Adjusted for Holy See Word Inflation.

As far as Allan Gillis is concerned, the Papal Tiara was worn by real Popes not too far back in time – when we had real Vicars of Christ on the throne in Rome…REIGNING (and not FEIGNING personal poverty to garner the world’s favor at the expense of the majesty of the Petrine Office!) – teaching fidelity to the Church’s traditions and avoiding ad hoc spurts of the mouth, which could spread confusion and scandal!

An Answer From One of Longenecker’s Victims

here is a piece from his blog  Vox Cantoris:

Jesuits want to talk about “bullying.” Well, shall we?

Following up on the Reverend Father Dwight Longenecker’s recent Crux screed, we now have the orthodox Jesuitical publication editors at America Magazine entering into the fray.  Let’s give credit where it is due. Our Jesuitical Fathers have generously restrained themselves from the disgraceful direct hyperbole and insult more commonly associated with commentary on Bloggers from either from the Reverends Longenecker or Rosica. Kudos to our Jesuit friends at America, for their “charity,” attempted, that is, until you get to the heart of the matter.  Near the end of the first paragraph, they use the word “bullying.” An interesting word and one that has become popular in some circles.  Shall we talk about bullying?

Taliban Catholics

Doing the work of Satan

worshippers of false gods.”

Frivolous and vexatious lawsuits!

Who paid his legal bill? I had to pay mine! That was money that could have gone as extra mortgage payments or retirement savings or renovations or a trip with my wife. You bet I’m still peeved about that! We can go on; I can go on. I have specific examples of other bullying and attempted intimidation even to the point of threatening my livelihood from an “unidentified cleric.”  Another, was an attempt to intimidate priests to have me “fired” from Cantor positions by mounting a whisper campaign that I am “making the Pope look bad.” One actually suggesting I shut the blog down as a sign of “good-will.” In January and February 2015, there were at least three occurrences by an anonymous person or persons to directly interfere with my livelihood and my work — my career and my vocation in sacred music, and actual attempts to interfere in my employment on more than one occasion!  Yes, you read that correctly.  There have been attempts by some to silence me for years. They are not very smart, they have not figured out that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. They will not silence this blogger. Bullying? Intimidation? Threatening? Coercion?  I have known it directly, including the physical battery, assault and mental abuse as a 13 year old boy from certain sons of St. Basil’s and their “Congregation.” I survived that, there is nothing they can throw at me now. Bullying, you say? You filthy Jesuit swine! You “whitewashed sepulchres” with your intellectual pride. You “brood of vipers” who have betrayed your holy founder and His Lord and ours! You write of bullying? Oh, there is plenty and it is all from within the Catholic Church and from men who have no business in the priesthood. Effeminates, leaches, malefactors, prideful, arrogant, and faithless, feckless men who have disgraced the Bride of Christ, men who hide behind their clerical garb as some great oracles of holy wisdom. Bullies all right, but it’s not the bloggers.  What these men are revealing is that blogs punch above their weight and these men are running scared. They are afraid because they know that we are on to them and that they can no longer do their work without it being called out into the light. They know that when this Pope is dead; they will be dead with him. They have no progeny. They have no growth. Their time is short and we all know it and so do they.
We’re on to them and we’re not letting them go. In a recent talk in Rome given at the Voice of the Family conference, Raymond Cardinal Burke had this to say about the current situation in the Church:

“I think of so many faithful who express to me their profound concerns for the Church in the present time, when there seems to be so much confusion about fundamental dogmatic and moral truths. In responding to their concerns, I urge them to deepen their understanding of the constant teaching and discipline of the Church and to make their voices heard, so that the shepherds of the flock may understand the urgent need to announce again with clarity and courage the truths of the faith and to apply again with charity and firmness the discipline needed to safeguard the same truths.” “Make their voices heard,” said the Cardinal!  In a blog post on May 30, Father Hunwicke stated with clarity that:

“Vatican I made clear that ex cathedra pronouncements of the Roman Pontiff are infallible and irreformable ex sese, non autem ex consensu Ecclesiae. This implies that pronouncements not ex cathedra are or may be reformable by the reception or non-reception of the Church.” Read that again, “reformable by the reception or non-reception of the Church!” Mark my words friends and enemies alike. This mockery, Amoris Laetitia and much more that may come from this papacy will all be undone. It will be undone and declared anathema by a future holy pope. He will correct the ambiguities in the documents of Vatican II, he will condemn the errors and heresies devised by those who manipulated it, he will restore the sacred liturgy and he will teach with clarity and truth. He will preach that mercy and justice are linked; that truth is not relative and that Christ never changes. That pope, I believe, is living today. I only pray that I may be granted the grace to see that papacy, and rejoice in it. Catholics must stop ascribing to Francis, or any Pope for that matter, that which he does not have. Stop giving credence to Protestant bigotry about papal infallibility, that we worship the man and everything he says. Stop committing papolatry as if the passing of gas scented with frankincense somehow signifies new revelation.  Which magazine said just the other day in a Tweet, “The Church of Pope Francis“? If you think this writer will ever bow to worship at the Church of Pope Francis, or the Church of Benedict or any other Pope for that matter, you can go straight to where that idolatry will get you. It is not the “Church of Pope Francis!” It is the Church of Jesus Christ, Catholic! This Pope is His Vicar, His servant and ours. He is not a god. He is not infallible when he farts frankincense. He is not infallible with what he says in his daily homilies unless he states infallible teachings already revealed.  These priests who use such phrases as “radical traditionalist” whatever the heck that means are manipulating and insulting. As a convert, this next statement wouldn’t apply to Longenecker, but it would certainly to Rosica; “What faith did his parents or grandparents practice?” Were they “radical traditionalists?”  or were they just, “Catholics!” If Fathers Rosica and Longenecker defend their remarks with some kind of historicism, then that is an admission that there is a pre and post Vatican II Church – that the old one is dead and this new one is better, more merciful, more just and that all that came before was wrong. Bovine excrement! There are only “Catholics.”  The words of Robert DePlante come to mind: What Catholics once were, we are. If we are wrong, then Catholics through the ages have been wrong. We are what you once were. We believe what you once believed. We worship as you once worshipped. If we are wrong now, you were wrong then. If you were right then, we are right now.

There are no Taliban Catholics, radical traditionalist, rad-trads, mad-trads and other such scandalous epithets used by Rosica, Longenecker, Shea, Armstrong and others. They sit there chastising bloggers and accuse us of doing exactly what they do. You are either a Catholic or you’re a heretic. There is no grey.

Our parents and our grandparents did not have the knowledge and tools we have in order to stand up and protect the Faith and the Church. If they did, we would most certainly not be in the position we are in today. They did not read encyclicals or exhortations and they never thought to read the Council documents.  They trusted the priests and bishops, and what did it get them?

Their sons sodomised.

Their daughters molested.

The Holy Mass, debased and disgraced and often rendered illicit if not outright, invalid.

Our Lord insulted.

Altars smashed.

Communion rails broken up.

Artwork and their patrimony whitewashed.


The faith in ruins.

For fifty years, Catholics have been poked like a bear in a cage. What do you expect? That they are going to sit and take it? Poke someone long enough and you can be sure, the bear is going to bite back.

You can say turn the other cheek, but that is personal. We are fighting for Christ and His Church, our patrimony, our families and our culture and there will be no turning of any cheeks.

And don’t think we’re ever going away.

The attack on traditionalist bloggers

By Augustinus

The usually sensible Fr Longenecker has a piece over at Crux on the scandal involving a Fr Rosica who began to sue a traditionalist blogger Vox Cantoris  last year. Rosica claimed that this blogger practiced character assassination and was filled with too much venom and hatred. It is not clear what Fr Rosica was suing about because you cannot sue someone for being full of hatred. Anyway the usually sensible Fr Llongenecker wrote a piece yesterday over at Crux arguing that suing traditionalist bloggers would do no good as they ‘will remain a cesspool of hate and venom’. I would have thought that  the usually sensible Father would have denounced the practice of suing fellow Catholic bloggers, traditionalist or otherwise as being immoral in itself unless there was a case for something like libel. But Longenecker instead more or less endorsed the view that traditionalist bloggers were filled with hate and were simply spilling bile. I am amazed someone as sensible as Longenecker can think this about people who dedicate their lives to fighting for the Church! When I review the traditionalist blogs mentioned in his piece I do see a lot of venom and some crazy stuff but no more than I see in the mainstream catholic bogs I visit. There is hatred, venom, shrill wild claims, nonsense, and character assasination all over the Catholic blogosphere.–both in mainstream Vatican II Catholics and among traditionalists….though I have to say that the only heresies I see are promoted by Vatican II Catholics not the traditionalists. I do not see the traditionalists claiming that all religions are equally true and that there is salvation outside the catholic church but I have seen that argued in many mainstream catholic blogs.   Among the blogs that Longenecker dissed was ipeter5….Now take a look at who writes for that blog


Obviously these are good, smart, competent, accomplished people all of whom are orthodox Catholics and all of whom are in good standing with the Church. Instead of threatening to sue them we should be cheering them on even when we do not agree with some of the things they say. When they say crazy stuff we should critique it just as we do when non-traditionalist bloggers do so. In Fr Longenecker’s account of the Rosica affair, Rosica dropped the suit against Vox Cantoris when Michael Voris created bad publicity over the whole thing but in my reading of the affair Rosica dropped the suit when figures within the Church hierarchy commented in the press that church figures should NOT be attempting to silence militant bloggers.

May I recommend to my fellow Catholic bloggers, traditionalists and mainstream alike, the model we have adopted here at saveourcatholicchurch? We publish both traditionalist views and mainstream Vatican II, pro Pope Francis views and everything in between. I myself have written pieces that many consider traditionalist and other pieces in praise of Pope Francis (for his encyclical on climate change for example).  We cannot arrive at the truth without talking to one another, without conflict and debate. Error has no rights it is true but we first need to decide where the error lies in our Church today and that can only be decided via prayer, open debate and fasting.

Gentlemen, You WILL Be Moved

brought to you by Allan Gillis

I found this video and watched it… and a tear filled my eye as I watched her and listened to her sincere self-appraisal.  She’s no doubt a very lovely young woman – she’s also a very thoughtful, sweet kid!  In her own way and words, she discusses her discovery of the majesty of the Latin Mass.  To those gentlemen watching  –  you will be moved – trust me!  To those of the fairer sex – she will touch your heart as well with her candor and depth of understanding.  Enjoy this video.  I truly salute this young lady.

Luther Vs. Lefebvre

from The Remnant:

..and I agree with Michael Matt wholeheartedly

The Church of Accompaniment: Luther vs. Lefebvre

Written by 

vatican hd
New From Remnant TV…

Francis says his new, non-judgmental Church is the ‘church of accompaniment’. Question is: accompaniment to where? Heaven? Hell? La-La Land? Not sure what Pope Francis is talking about anymore? Join the club.

Plus, Michael Matt announces he is standing with a much-maligned defender of the Church.  Which one? Watch this video to find out.

The new Marcionism: Whats wrong with the church these days?

By Augustinus

When I went to daily mass yesterday I heard for the millionth time a very typical sickly-sweet treacly insouciant homily on how our God is a loving compassionate God and not a bad judgmental tyrant father type. We listeners in the pews had to be treated like scared children or wounded victims who need treatment at a field hospital like good Pope Francis insists rather than lessons in warfare like the old church used to preach. Pope Francis was cited approvingly by referring to the Pope’s recent book whose title is “The name of God is mercy”.

For decades now the homilies I have heard at all the masses I have attended have been similar in tone: God is not a judgmental god, God is loving, God is like the Father in the parable of the prodigal son, God is not wrathful, God is not a tyrant etc etc…Certainly all the Popes since Vatican II have adopted this tone to varying degrees of assuring the faithful that God is NOT this judgmental tyrant Father in the sky. The most recent Pope seems to hold the most extreme version of this sanitizing theme for the church. This “pastoral” note was sounded first at Vatican II and it has been adopted with fanatical dedication since then. Its as if the church has decided that it MUST repeat ad nauseum how loving God is in order to prove to the wider world that it is not an oppressive, backward, moralistic Church interested only in scolding people to serve God – or else!

Perhaps Vatican II and the post Vatican II pastoral church was justified to some extent as a reaction against the heretical tendency of seeing God as a tyrant that came to the fore with Jansenism back in the 1600 and 1700s. Whether or not there was any justification to the pastoral turn back in the early 1960s there is certainly no justification for it now. On the contrary I see the current trend to repeat the “God is mercy mantra” ad nauseum as indicative of heresy. Heresy always takes one true attribute of God and makes it God. The modern heresy of exalting the merciful name of God at the expense of God’s justice and wrathful attributes is a renewal of an old heresy. The old heresy was called Marcionism. Marcion was a rich man in early Rome who hated the wrathful god of the old testament and claimed that the merciful loving God of the new testament was the only true God.  Like our modern, tolerant, liberal rich elites, the elites of the old Roman empire wanted an easy loving God to relate to…. not a judgmental, demanding God who can be moved to wrath at the disobedience of his creatures.

So in my view what is wrong with the modern church is a Marcionism-redux. We have lost the fear of God in the west. There are no consequences of disobedience to the church or to God if the church is relentlessly merciful. The church is engaging in idolatry if it elevates only the merciful side of God at the expense of God’s warthful side.