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President Trump!

By Augustinus

Well the unthinkable has occurred. Trump has been sworn in as President and the very next day half a million shrieking harpies descended upon Washington demanding the preservation of the “right” to murder unborn children in the womb. Towering intellectuals such as Madonna, Ashley Judd and the emasculate Michael Moore spoke to the crowd urging greater funding for planned parenthood clinics around the country.

Trump’s inaugural speech emphasied the heretical “America First” meme that got him elected. America First is anathema to theĀ  internationalist left which believes that the white man must not only pay reparations to blacks everywhere but must also invite in muslim “refugees” in order to bury the whiate man’s hated, misogynistic, patriarchal Christian church-or what is left of it in the west.

The left however is OK with Israel politicians making Israel first and building walls to keep muslim hordes from destroying what is left of the anti-christian Talmudic Judaism now ruling in Palestine. Why is it OK for jews to build walls to defend their religion but not for Christian man to do so? The muslim nations in the middle east and Africa also do not allow Christians tim immigrate to their countries or to missionize there or to worship freely there. Why is that OK for the muslim countries and not for Christian man?

Trump’s measured immigration restrictions seem common sense to me. But because it is common sense he will be vilified for imposing any restrictions on the “free movement of peoples across borders”. Similarly we will be bombarded with claims from all quarters (particularly China) that Trump’s economic nationalism will be a disaster for the world economy but China herself practices economic nationalism. Why is it OK for China to do so and not the USA?

Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency should give some impetus to marine LePen party in France and Geert Wilder’s party in the Netherlands. These are two parties vilified by the left because they seek to impose restrictions on muslim immigration into their countries. Although they are rising in the polls they face formidable structural obstacles to winning political power in those countries.

Trump will be marginally better for the Church in the USA than Clinton would have been. Certainly Trump’s cabinet members are more favorably disposed to the church than any democratic politician. But the Trump administration will only delay the inevitable assault on the church that has been brewing for decades in this country. Canada gives us an example of a country that has essentially murdered the church under the guise of leftist inspired anti-hate speech laws and pro-women liberation laws. People are being jailed now in Canada for defending basic christian positions and that is what is coming for us in the USA -despite the respite that Trump may offer us for the next four years. let us then use the next four years wisely and prepare for the worst.

Fertility rates and the church

By Augustinus

it is fitting that many have sounded the alarm regarding the falling fertility rate among Europeans. Fertility rates are below replacement levels for native Europeans while they are high for muslim immigrants. Thus, as the aging native European population dies off the young Muslim population will replace it and Christian Europe will die quietly and Islam will have conquered Europe without firing a shot. The Vatican will exist in a predominantly Muslim Europe and likely will soon thereafter cease to exist.

Fertility rates are high among Muslim populations everywhere. They are also high among Israelis. Both Islamic and Jewish populations support pro-natalist policies. There are laws or injunctions against abortion, divorce and so forth. in addition, there are laws and systems in place to support children and families.

Some scientists believe that fertility rates fall when populations become affluent. But the Israelis are affluent as are the citizens of many of the oil rich Arabic countries. We have learned by watching anti-natalist and pro-natalist policies in China and India and Iran in the last 50 years. What drives up fertility rates are pro-natalist policies which includes support for families and laws or injuctions against abortion and divorce.

Why is it OK for Muslim and Jewish populations to have strong pro-natalist policies and high fertility rates while it is wrong and hateful for Christian populations to to do so? Why is it OK for Muslim and Jewish populations to be against abortion and divorce but it is bigotry and hateful if Christians are against these policies?

This is the kind of leader we need here in the USA

By Augustinus

In Europe everyone thinks Marine LePen of France is a right winger. She has certainly opposed unbridled Muslim immigration into France and has criticized the socialist regime currently in charge in France but she relies on left-wing advisors, refuses to get married in the Church, and lives the kind of libertine lifestyle lauded by secular elites in the west–all this according to press reports out of France.

Marine’s niece however is a different story! Marion Marechal -LePen is still in her twenties but has won several elections and is poised to replace Marine as leader of the right of center National Front party in France. She appears to be a practicing Catholic. She makes the pilgrimage to Chartres each year; opposes abortion, meets with the country’s catholic bishops, insisted on marrying in Church, quotes Latin in debates with former Presidents of France, trounces those former presidents in those debates, polls high across among most constituencies in France and is universally regarded to be an extraordinarily smart politician–all this while still in her twenties!

The secular elites in Europe are worried about her! Check out this recent story: