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Fertility rates and the church

By Augustinus

it is fitting that many have sounded the alarm regarding the falling fertility rate among Europeans. Fertility rates are below replacement levels for native Europeans while they are high for muslim immigrants. Thus, as the aging native European population dies off the young Muslim population will replace it and Christian Europe will die quietly and Islam will have conquered Europe without firing a shot. The Vatican will exist in a predominantly Muslim Europe and likely will soon thereafter cease to exist.

Fertility rates are high among Muslim populations everywhere. They are also high among Israelis. Both Islamic and Jewish populations support pro-natalist policies. There are laws or injunctions against abortion, divorce and so forth. in addition, there are laws and systems in place to support children and families.

Some scientists believe that fertility rates fall when populations become affluent. But the Israelis are affluent as are the citizens of many of the oil rich Arabic countries. We have learned by watching anti-natalist and pro-natalist policies in China and India and Iran in the last 50 years. What drives up fertility rates are pro-natalist policies which includes support for families and laws or injuctions against abortion and divorce.

Why is it OK for Muslim and Jewish populations to have strong pro-natalist policies and high fertility rates while it is wrong and hateful for Christian populations to to do so? Why is it OK for Muslim and Jewish populations to be against abortion and divorce but it is bigotry and hateful if Christians are against these policies?