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Christmas 2016… just like Christmas a thousand years ago

By Augustinus

This Christmas, after further outrages and attacks on Christians this past week in Europe, representatives of Islam, the “religion of peace” have officially called for attacks on Christian churches throughout the world while Christians are attending Christmas services. Let us pray that their efforts at mass murder will fail. Little has changed however across the last thousand years among the believers in the religion of peace. A thousand years ago Islamic fanatics were calling on other Islamic fanatics to do the same things to Christians as they are doing to Christians in the modern world: mass attacks, beheadings, forced conversions, mass executions, etc etc…Islamic armies were then and now implementing the same bloodthirsty attacks on Christians and fulminating against all things Christian. But I guess for leftist politicians 1000 years of such atrocities is not yet enough evidence¬† to draw any significant conclusions concerning the nature of Christianity’s self-proclaimed foe.

1009: Muslims destroy Christian holy sites in the holy land including the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

1012: Muslim forces capture Cordova and order that half the population be executed.

1015: Arab Muslim forces conquer Sardinia.

1016: Muslims consolidate rule in the Holy Land outlawing Christians and Jews but The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is partially destroyed by earthquakes.

1095: At the Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II calls for a holy war to wrest control of Jerusalem from Muslims, which launches the First Crusade (1096)

We need a new Pope Urban II

The latest Islamist atrocity

by Augustinus

While European (and it now turns out American) citizens are slaughtered by Islamic jihadis in the capitals of Europe, both American leaders and European leaders spout the same old sickening bromides in response. They tell us that it is not really Islam that is the issue; that we need diversity, that poverty is the problem, that immigration from Islamic countries should continue unabated and so on. Meanwhile the perpetrators of the latest massacre this past week in Brussels were not poverty stricken, oppressed muslims. They were fully educated, middle class, naturalized European citizens.

Some muslims, those that hate the West, will never assimilate. In addition, even if well meaning Muslims assimilate to western culture when their numbers grow large they will start to win political posts. When they win political posts there will be demands to impose sharia laws.

If people think that Islam and Christianity and Judaism etc can co-exist in the same polity then the experiment has to be slow. You cannot import a million muslims into a a secular country over one or two decades and expect no consequences.

Europe is committing suicide before our very eyes and the heart of Christendom for more than a thousand years is vanishing.