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The Brexit vote

The British people have voted to leave the European Union. Older voters outside of the major metropolitan areas voted overwhelmingly to leave. This victory for the leave vote occurred DESPITE the intense effort by international neoliberal elites to squash it. The vote is a victory for Christendom in my opinion as a major motivator for the leave vote was immigration of Muslims into the EU countries. Neoliberal elites who head the European Union (and exemplified by people like Angela Merkel of Germany) just could not understand why average people all across Europe would reject the importation of huge numbers of Muslims into their countries. I do not think that people who want to restrict immigration from Muslim countries are racist or xenophobic. They simply realize that if you import huge numbers of Muslims you will eventually get varying degrees of sharia law ruling their lives. Under even the most mild or liberal interpretations of sharia law, Christians and Jews are dhimmis or second class citizens in the Islamic polity. Members of yet other religions like Hindus and Buddhists are given even fewer rights under sharia law. It is entirely reasonable that Christians not open their borders to people who will seek to subjugate them.

Now some amount of controlled immigration from Muslim countries I believe is OK, particularly in cases where the Muslims are fleeing wars and chaos the West, itself, had a hand in creating. It would be the height of moral hypocrisy and very non-Christian to militarily shatter a society like the West did in Iraq and then refuse to help the victims of our misdeeds and the cataclysm that followed. But there is a difference between a reasoned response to our past deeds and providing carte blanche to  a flood of religious refugees whose holy book tells them to subjugate all peoples unless they convert to Islam.

Back to the EU…Just one or two weeks ago a EU commission on human rights ordered Ireland to relax its anti-abortion laws. It threatened Ireland with huge economic sanctions if it did not allow unrestricted access to abortions within its borders. This is precisely the kind of thing that ordinary people all around Europe find disgusting. The EU was captured by neoliberal leftist social justice warriors bent on destroying what remained of the Christian ethos in Europe. The EU was forcing its member countries to commit cultural suicide by importing huge numbers of peoples who despise Christianity and the West. That kind of insanity needed to end and the Brexit vote is a a first step to ending it.