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The clash of religions

By Augustinus

We have all heard about the clash of civilizations but if you really study history you will see that it is religion that soaks the earth in blood. “Civilizations” are an abstraction–a fiction invented by historians searching for a clue as to how to understand historical change. The things that move the earth and cause historical change are the things that people are willing to die for-family, tribe and religion. Actually, all we need to say is religion as religion is the thing that makes the other two values, family and tribe, possible.

If you were a seasoned diplomat, surveying the balance of forces today in the world you would of course look at nation states and the economic and military forces associated with each nation state. But nation states can crumble overnight and then tribal and religious loyalities remain and take over. So a seasoned diplomat has to look at the religious forces within each nation to really understand its stability and ability to project force.

What then is the balance of power within the world today? What ideas command men’s loyalities around the world today? The religion called neoliberalism or secularism has largely captured the world’s elites and it therefore rules the world today. It is the bithchild of internationalist Marxist-Leninist communism and what was left of Protestant Christianity in Europe and the Americas. Like all new religious movements the neoliberals cherish their new gods and rituals and they look with disdain on traditional religions. They are allied with the remaining communist regimes like China and Vietnam and they attempt to stamp out the old religions in every nation state where they hold power which includes most of western Europe, most of the America’s and most of Asia and the south Pacific. In the past 20 years neoliberalism has attempted to make inroads into the middle east. It has failed for the most part… with most of the Shia states rejecting the religion. The Sunni states partially embraced the heresy as it was in their economic interests to do so being the world’s largest oil producers. But because the Shia states rejected the religion they needed to be destroyed, thus the wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Afghanistan and Libya were special cases. The Afghans sided with the rejectionist camp within Islam and therefore had to be destroyed and  Gaddafi was not a reliable ally to the neoliberals so Libya had to be destroyed. Israel was created after WWII under the influence of the neoliberal ideology calling itself a socialist state but the inherent contradictions between neoliberal ideals and the ethnocentrism of Judaism made it impossible to maintain the illusion forever and in recent years Israel has rejected the ideology of neoliberalism–especially its central religious tenet “diversity”.

Other opponents to neoliberalism include the Orthodox communions in eastern Europe and Russia.  Large swaths of the Muslim world (e.g. Pakistan), and the traditional Hindus in India vacillate back and forth between embracing the neoliberal ideology and rejecting it outright.

Within the belly of the beast in North America and Europe the protestant communities have largely embraced the heresy wholesale and therefore these communities are disappearing altogether. The Roman Catholic church is divided. Its official doctrine is in obvious contradiction to all of the neoliberal doctrines so the catholic church has been under constant attack from the neoliberals for decades.

The crisis in the Church is due to the embrace of neoliberalism by many in the Church in obvious and flagrant contradiction to settled dogma and doctrine. So what is to be done?

The first step in any war is to identify the enemy. The main enemy today is the heresy neoliberalism. But there are signs that it is crumbling. The brexit vote and the awakening of many in Europe concerning the dangers of Islam are signs of life yet in Europe. The situation is more bleak in America as even the most conservative Christian groups embrace many of the tenets of the neoliberal ideology.

But all is not lost. Recall the global dominance of the Arian heresy in the early years of the Church. The Arianists had captured all of the elite among the the remaining Roman aristocracy including several Emperors and their families. It also commanded the loyalty of the most powerful military nations at that time the Germanic tribes. it also commanded the loyalty of most of the magisterium of the Church, all of Northern Europe, Spain and northern Africa and most of the middle east and Arabia. Yet it took only a handful of Church Fathers to defeat the heresy in Councils and then in publications and then in the pews. Arianism temporarily faded from Europe but never from the middle east and Arabia. It was revived in the form of Islam and then implicitly in the form of reformation Protestantism in Northern Europe in the modern age. The neoliberals, and the liberal protestant congregations. the Jews, and Islam all share the Arian ideology concerning Christ. He was a great guy but he was not divine –he was not God….

So the battle over the nature and person of Jesus is once again the pivot of world history.

Modernity as the effort to destroy the Catholic Church

By Augustinus

What best characterizes the modern age? I would say that modernity is the age in which major military attempts are made to destroy the Roman Catholic Church.

Modernity is NOT characterized by “secularization” as most intellectuals seem to think. Just look at the rest of the world. Religion is growing everywhere. Hinduism is resurgent in India. Islam is growing in both numbers and militancy throughout the world. Eastern Orthodoxy is growing in both the Baltics and in Putin’s Russia. Judaism is alive and well and experiencing a rebirth in Israel. Charismatic forms of protestant Christianity are on the rise in both South America and Africa. Buddhism is experiencing massive growth in both its home countries and in the West.

The only religion that is on the defensive is Roman Catholic Christianity. That is because the one true church, the catholic church has been under concerted attack by the rest of the world religions ever since the dawn of the modern age. It began with the Protestant reformation.

When catholicism flowered during the Italian and Northern European renaissance, some people reacted with fear and envy rather than admiration, gratitude and reverence.  This fear and resentment against the Church-sponsored intellectual awakening and artistic flowering fueled a strong backlash against the church beginning with Luther in the North in what is now Germany–a territory where the Arian heresy lasted up to the middle ages. The Protestant “reformation” actually consisted of active military suppression and state terror against catholic communities in the newly minted protestant countries and military attacks against the Hapsburg Catholic territories.

The protestant wars against Catholicism issued in a stalemate but the protestant intellectuals had not given up.  Across western Europe protestant intellectuals began to paint the church as backward and superstitious and argued that Europe needed an enlightenment. The age of the enlightenment, however, involved extreme forms of persecution against Catholics across Europe (see especially Ireland and southern Germany) and the new country of America despite all its high flown rhetoric of religious freedom and toleration. The enlightenment also gave birth to the the French revolution with its rabid “anti-clericalism” which was really an outright assault on everything Catholic in France, Germany and Britain. The massacres of priests and nuns in these countries during the revolutionary period only slowed down but did not cease during the Napoleonic era. After Napoleon was defeated largely by Russian, Hapsburg and Catholic Polish forces, the anti-catholic legacy of the French revolution was taken up by the emerging communist movement until the uprisings of 1848 which once again involved bloody attacks against catholic communities throughout Europe. There was a brief period of respite during the latter half of the 19th century until the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 where we again note another series of attacks against the church including of course the orthodox church in Russia. World War I put an end to the catholic Hapsburg monarchy of  Europe and  then came the Nazis. All of these “movements” were virulently anti-Christian and specifically anti-Catholic. But none were able to destroy the Church. After the Nazis were defeated in World War II Vatican II occurred just 15 years later.

We are now faced a with a new array of forces out to destroy the church. The secular elites of the West, the heirs of the protestant intellectuals of past centuries, are now joined by a resurgent Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, charismatic protestantism and Hinduism. All are actively hostile to Roman catholicism. Only the eastern orthodox are not actively hostile though there are centuries of animosity there too.

This is the current situation facing the church today. Let he who has eyes to see, see.