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Summertime Slow-Down


By Allan Gillis

My goodness! It’s been almost two weeks since any of the three of us have posted here! See why the Italians pretty much take off the month of August?  Our thoughts are on other things… longer days, the parlor/dining room gets extended out to the deck or the backyard. We move a bit slower. There are a myriad of pleasure-distractions like the pool, the beach, the boat, the garden and of course the yard/lawn work!

Oh but how I do remember this past winter!  I felt so caught in those snowy-white jaws – gripped and contorted in the steely icicle-teeth – the bitter, biting, freezing, frantic panting of a ferocious, relentless pit-bull of a winter. As such, I shall savor this summer…  thanking God for the rich vibrancy of life around me…  in the blue-green waters under the boat, in the skies and the trees above me and the bird-bath in my wife’s colorful garden – even with the angry red ants that attacked my BBQ prep table!

One great thing to report is that my little 5 year old grand-daughter asked to join me at Mass!  She loved it and joined me again!  She says she wants to continue accompanying me.  It is an answer to prayer!  She is the smartest little girl and so very observant of “the little things” – and we Catholics have all kinds of “little things” like the Holy Water at the portals, The Sign of The Cross, genuflecting, ect.  All these things prompt questions and require thoughtful responses – with a care to provide appropriate and “kid-simple” answers, while NOT diluting THE TRUTH.  I must always remind myself to trust that The Holy Spirit is at work here too…   helping me – as I serve Him in guiding a little soul.

Only 32 more days ’til Labor Day.  Savor your summertime my friend!  The older we get the faster the time seems to go!